‘Buckhead Shore’ Preview: Parker Tells Katie He Loves Her After Savannah Breakup

In this exclusive preview of the 'Buckhead Shore' finale, Parker opens up to Katie about his feelings for her following his split from Savannah.

Parker Lipman broke up with Savannah Gabriel on last week’s episode of Buckhead Shore after he realized he still had strong feelings for his ex, Katie Canham. During the Aug. 18 finale episode, the group takes a trip to South Carolina, where Parker finally comes clean to Katie about how he feels. In the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek above, the two stroll on the beach while having the intense talk.

Before getting alone time with Katie, Parker was admittedly nervous. “My stomach is in knots, but at the same time, having deep conversations between me and Katie is, like, natural between us,” he explains. After asking Katie if she heard about his breakup with Savannah (she did), Parker gets to the point. “I had to be honest with myself,” he tells her. “I still have feelings for you. And those feelings obviously haven’t gone away.”

parker lipman katie canham
Parker and Katie on the Aug. 18 episode of ‘Buckhead Shore.’ (MTV)

In a confessional, Parker admits to being thrown by the whole situation. “When I’m staring at Katie it’s like I’m staring right into her heart,” he says. “There’s so much I want to say, but it’s not coming out of my mouth.”

To Katie, he adds, “I couldn’t continue something with Savannah knowing my heart’s always been drawn to you.” Katie seems a bit caught off guard by Parker’s confession, but she isn’t giving in right away, either. “I feel like this is every time you break up with someone,” she insists. “I wanted you for so long to be something that you couldn’t be for me. You hurt me with Savannah so many times.”

In the end, Parker goes all out with telling Katie how he truly feels. “I don’t know what it is,” he says. “I don’t know if it’s fate or God telling me I’m supposed to be with you. It’s the honest to God truth. I don’t see with her what I see with you. End of the story…I f***ing love you.”

The clip cuts off there, so we’ll have to see how Katie reacts during the finale of Buckhead Shore, which airs on Aug. 18 at 9:00 p.m. on MTV.

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