‘AGT’ Recap: An 18-Year-Old School Shooting Survivor Stuns With Emotional Performance

The 'AGT' auditions continued on July 26. From Freckled Zelda to Ava Swiss to Duo Mico, the talent got turned up a notch in a big way.

Bayley Graham, a 22-year-old tap dancer from New Zealand, is the first performance on the July 26 episode of America’s Got Talent. He never stops moving! “We have not seen anything like you,” Howie Mandel declares. “You are an entertainer.” Simon Cowell thinks that Bayley “really undersold” himself in the beginning. Bayley’s moving forward!

Freckled Zelda calls herself a “music fairy.” She’s been trying out for AGT for the past 7 years. Now is her chance to shine. With her ocarina, Freckled Zelda performs a beautiful rendition of “Colors of the Wind.” Simon tells Freckled Zelda that she has a “really good voice,” and Heidi Klum adds that she loves how “unique and different” Freckled Zelda is. The “music fairy” impresses the judges and gets a spot in the next round.

Freckled Zelda
Freckled Zelda performs on ‘AGT.’ (NBC)

Maxence Vire spices things up with his magic act. He has a very big personality, and the judges take notice. “I really love this act,” Sofia Vergara says. Heidi says that Max ticks “all the boxes” for her. Howie points out Max’s “great energy.”

RCC Aruba Makes The Best Out Of A Bad Situation

Before their performance, RCC Aruba reveals that they nearly couldn’t perform because their props got lost in Atlanta. However, they make their current situation work, and the acrobats make the stage their playground. By the end, Sofia is on her feet. “That was unbelievable,” she raves. They’ll be showing off more moves in the next round!

The July 26 episode features more comedians than we’ve seen on the show in a long time. Gina Stahl-Haven is called “robotic” by Simon, but Howie disagrees with him. Howie thinks Gina was “absolutely memorable, wonderful, funny.” Howie, Sofia, and Heidi all give her a yes. Kim Evey takes the stage next, and Simon still doesn’t click with this comedian. Howie, Sofia, and Heidi send this act through, too.

Simon is pretty much fed up with comedians when Don McMillan takes the stage. He uses a Powerpoint to aid his stand-up routine. He brings the laughs while joking about nerds and geeks, microwavable popcorn, and marriage statistics. Heidi admits that Don had her “stitches.” Not surprisingly, Simon says he didn’t dig the routine. Heidi, Sofia, and Howie to the rescue!

Ava Swiss Stuns The Judges

Ava Swiss
Ava Swiss wows the judges. (NBC)

Ava Swiss has chosen to sing “Remember” by Lauren Daigle because she and her brother were at Oxford High School when 4 students were killed in November 2021. After her powerful performance, Ava earns a standing ovation from the entire crowd. “You took my breath away,” Sofia says. Simon tells Ava that her audition is one he’ll “never forget.”

Trey Rich and Ciara Hines are besties who also dance together. Their performance is raw and full of chemistry. “That was amazing,” Sofia tells the duo. Heidi admits that she enjoyed that they “brought some new moves.” However, Simon doesn’t see the message of the performance. Ciara explains that the performance represents how she and Trey feel about each other.  They’ll always be there for one another no matter what. Howie doesn’t think they’re ready for this stage, but the duo gets a yes from the other judges.

Auzzy Blood is a sideshow freak, and he takes the shock factor to a new level. He sticks a sword down his throat, bashes a water pipe down his throat, and brings Howie on stage to push another sword down his throat. Howie says he’s “disgusted and entertained.” He calls Auzzy the “Beetlejuice of sideshows.”

Duo Mico Becomes A Frontrunner

Duo Mico
Duo Mico performing on ‘AGT.’ (NBC)

Caroline and Max, a.k.a. Duo Mico, make up the latest AGT aerial duo. Caroline actually auditioned in season 12 while assisting her husband. Now her husband is assisting Duo Mico. Caroline and Max have spent a year creating all their own original sequences, and they do not disappoint. Howie stands up and declares that he’s “never seen that before.” Sofia calls the performance “sexy and mysterious.” She wants to see more! As do the other judges.

Singer Debii Dawson performs a unique version of “Dancing Queen.” Howie tells the young singer that she definitely has a “star quality.” The final performance of the night is from The Big Apple. When he finally gets all 4 Xes from the judges, Sethward emerges from inside the apple. Terry Crews ends up chasing Sethward off the stage!

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