‘Buckhead Shore’ Preview: DJ Fears He ‘Screwed It Up’ With Bethania After Kissing Chelsea

A new love triangle has emerged on season one of 'Buckhead Shore'! After flirting with Bethania, DJ makes a move on Chelsea in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek!

Parker Lipman isn’t the only Buckhead Shore star involved in a love triangle during the show’s first season! DJ Simmons and Bethania Locke came to the lake after a recent hookup, but DJ also has his eye on Chelsea Prescott. In an exclusive preview of the July 7 episode, DJ finds himself confused about what he wants, and fearful that he’s already screwed something up.

The clip begins with DJ telling Chelsea how good she looks and getting flirty with her. “I’ll never understand me and DJ’s full relationship,” Chelsea admits. “I know sometimes it’s flirty, sometimes it’s funny. I mean, sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s fun to flirt back, I can’t deny it.” Eventually, the two are left alone, and DJ plants a kiss on Chelsea’s lips. “I had to kiss him back,” she laughs. “It’s like, I don’t even know what to do anymore.”

chelsea dj buckhead shore
Chelsea and DJ kiss on ‘Buckhead Shore.’ (MTV)

The lip lock was their second kiss, and afterward, they’re both left wondering if they should tell Bethania about it (she saw the first kiss during a game night with the rest of the cast). With Bethania in bed early, the rest of the crew is left to discuss the situation. “Finally, something is not about me!” Parker celebrates. “I’m not in the hot seat. Come on, this is some drama, alright, we gotta hone in on this.”

Meanwhile, Savannah Gabriel calls DJ out for playing both ladies. “So, let me get this straight,” she asks him. “For two days straight, you’re cuddling Bethania and touching Bethania, and now…” She’s even more flabbergasted when she finds out that Bethania doesn’t even know about DJ and Chelsea’s kiss, too. “Maybe I made a mistake kissing Chelsea,” DJ considers. “I hope this doesn’t blow up.”

bethania buckhead shore
Bethania on season one of ‘Buckhead Shore.’ (MTV)

Before bed, DJ has a one-on-one chat with Pat Muresan about what happened. “Do you think I did the wrong thing with Chelsea?” he asks. “Do you think I should’ve avoided that?” Pat urges DJ not to say anything to Bethania, and pushes him to go after Bethania. However, DJ is nervous that she’ll reject him. “Chelsea’s flirting and fun,” he explains. “Bethania’s something real and stability. If something goes wrong, it could ruin a ten year relationship and that’s not something I want. I think I screwed it up.”

Buckhead Shore airs on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. on MTV following new episodes of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

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