Khloe Kardashian Reveals She Fainted While Experiencing Anxiety Over Tristan’s Cheating Scandal

In a preview for the season finale of 'The Kardashians,' Khloe got real about the scary toll Tristan Thompson's paternity scandal took on her health.

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The final episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians airs tonight, and in a sneak peak Khloe Kardashian shares how she felt last year when she learned that Tristan Thompson, 31, had cheated on her and gotten another woman pregnant. “I’m so anxious I fainted the other day,” the 37-year-old admitted to her sister Kendall Jenner, 26, during a FaceTime call.  The model was understandably shocked and said, “What? Khloe, how do you? When did you faint?” But the Good American designer didn’t seem to concerned by the scary situation and just said, “You know…”

The teaser opens with Kim on the phone saying, “Oh my god, I think we need to have a family meeting,” after she learns about the 2021 paternity lawsuit that was filed against Tristan.  In the next scene Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble are all gathered around a table when Kim breaks the news that Khloe isn’t going to show up.  Kris immediately chimes in and says that she’s worried Khloe will only prolong her pain by avoiding the discussion. “I think the longer it goes on without her really expressing her feelings, it can be very alienating and lonely.” Next, Khloe can be seen packing up a moving box, and in her confessional she admits that she “wanted to believe that Tristan could change,” and that she “wanted to trust him.”  Last week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger, with fans finally getting all the details about what went down when the family found out Tristan had betrayed Khloe and gotten fitness trainer Maralee Nichols pregnant.

Khloé Kardashian Tristan Thompson
Khloé Kardashian & Tristan Thompson in happier times. [Shutterstock]
In last week’s episode fans learned that Kim Kardashian was the first one to find out about Tristan’s cheating scandal and she frantically tried to call Khloe so she could warn her. But it was early morning and Khloe was still sleeping.  Kim called Kourtney and Kylie Jenner on a three way call and they all vented about Tristan while they waited for Khloe to wake up. Just as the episode was ending, Khloe called Kim back and asked, “What the f*** is this?” in reference to the Daily Mail story about Tristan’s paternity scandal.  Even though Tristan tried to avoid coming clean about his affair, a paternity test confirmed that he is the father of Maralee’s son, Theo, who was born December 1, 2021. Khloe ended things with Tristan right after the scandal broke, but they still maintain a friendly co-parenting relationship for the sake of their daughter True Thomson, 4.

Tristan Thompson Khloé Kardashian
Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian are co-parenting their daughter True after splitting over his paternity scandal. [Shutterstock]
Khloe has done her best to put the traumatic experience behind her but she opened up about the painful drama during a recent appearance on Dear Media’s Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast. During the chat she revealed that it was “offensive” that she learned about the paternity scandal from the press, instead of directly from Tristan. “All of it is f***ed up, like, can there be like a little respect? Could you have let me know before I find out on ‘Daily Mail?’ That would be nice,” she fumed. But as angry as Khloe is at her ex, she still managed to praise him during the podcast appearance and said, “there’s so many good sides to him as well, but no one gets to see those because they’re all overshadowed by the personal stuff that’s going on between him and I.”