Halsey Apologizes To MD Fans After They’re Kept In Crowd In Severe Flooding At Canceled Concert

Outraged Halsey fans had to stand in the pouring rain for hours as the singer was forced to cancel due to weather conditions. Afterward, she apologized and explained why they were not allowed to leave.

Halsey was devastated after hearing how upset their fans in Maryland were following a canceled concert on June 8. The thousands of fans were forced to stand outside as rain poured down and flooding commenced in the amphitheater. After hours of delays, the concert was eventually canceled, leaving concertgoers outraged that they were not allowed to leave earlier. However, Halsey took to Instagram Live to explain that keeping them at the venue amidst the severe weather conditions was strictly for their safety.

“Basically what happened was there was some unexpected and unpredictable weather that the weather experts didn’t see coming, some storms that appeared really quickly and immediately became dangerous,” Halsey explained. “The local authorities advised us to put a shelter in place. We had to keep you guys at the venue because it wouldn’t have been safe to let everyone evacuate at once because of stampedes, traffic, everything else. We had to keep you guys here. Whether the show was happening or not, you guys had to stay here. That was the safest option.”

At the end of the day, Halsey said that keeping their fans safe was their number one priority. The singer made the decision to cancel the show themself after seeing how brutal the conditions in the venue were. Fans posted videos to social media, which showed insane floods and even wild animals washing up at their feet. Rain was pouring down from the sky in waves and did not appear to be letting up any time soon.

“I made that decision to keep you guys safe,” Halsey continued. “We had to keep everyone here because it’s what the police told us to do. I just want to everybody safe. I’m literally heartbroken.” Halsey also promised to reschedule the show as soon as possible and give their fans “the best possible show [they] f***ing can” after what happened.

“I definitely wanted to come on here and explain to you guys why the audience was kept,” Halsey admitted. “It wasn’t out of a desire to put anybody in an unsafe position. It was what we were advised to do. I obviously didn’t want anyone rushing out of the venue because that’s equally as dangerous. I care about you guys literally more than f***ing anything and I’m going to make this up to you. Nobody could have predicted the weather was going to do this and it changed SO fast. I love you guys and I am praying that everybody makes it home safe. I’m sorry that this happened in such a chaotic and confusing way.”

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