Pasha Bleasdell: Nelly’s ‘Hot In Herre’ Music Video Star Dies At 38 From Brain Tumor

Pasha Bleasdell, famous for starring in Nelly's iconic 'Hot In Herre' music video from 2002, died at the age of 38. Her passing was announced by Director X, who said the late model was 'always genuine.'

Pasha Bleasdell
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Image Credit: Vevo

Pasha Bleasdell, the model who appeared in the music video for Nelly‘s hit “Hot In Herre,” has died at 38 years old. Her tragic passing was announced publicly by music video director Director X (real name Julien Lutz), who revealed that Pasha died of a brain tumor on the night of June 4. Director X, who worked with Pasha on the 2002 “Hot In Herre” video, shared a compilation video of Pasha’s past work to Instagram and wrote a heartfelt message about the late model.

“We lost a friend yesterday,” Director X, 46, wrote in his post. “Pasha Bleasdell passed away from a brain tumor June 4th 2022 11:59pm. If you made videos in 2000’s or were around to watch them you know Pasha. We met her doing background work on the set of Donnell Jones ‘Where I Want To Be’ from there we put her in the mix. It was a wild ride from then on. I’ve put her in a million videos and spent just as much time hanging out.”

Director X, who has worked with massive stars like Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and more, noted that Pasha was “always genuine and cool,” and that she “never brought drama to set of life.” He continued, “You never know when the last time you speak to some one will be the last time you speak. I hold on to my memories of you with love. Rest in Power Pasha January 24th 1984 – June 4th 2022 ⛅️🕊.”


Pasha Bleasdell
Pasha Bleasdell(Photo: Vevo)

The four-minute “Hot In Herre” music video has over 169 million views on YouTube and features Pasha dancing with Nelly, 47, in a club. She shows off her hot body while wearing a red white and blue two-piece bikini in one scene. Nelly dances behind her and wraps his arms around her as the pair are showered with water from above. “Hot In Herre” was Nelly’s first number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and remains his most iconic song to date.

Pasha also appeared in the music videos for 50 Cent‘s
P.I.M.P.” and Sean Paul‘s “Gimme the Light.” We’re sending our deepest sympathies to Pasha’s family and friends in the wake of her tragic passing.

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