‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Is Back: Watch Kayla Brawl With Luke’s Family In 1st Trailer

HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE first look promo for the new season of 'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant', premiering on MTV on June 28.

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant is making a return to MTV with an all-new season full of drama, and HollywoodLife is debuting the EXCLUSIVE first look promo. In the one-minute clip, which you can watch above, Kayla Sessler, Brianna Jaramillo, Rachel Beaver, Madisen Beith, and Kiaya Elliott meet up in person for the very first time as they explore Los Angeles together.

It doesn’t look like the girls get into any fights with each other, though. And Kayla actually says that the trip serves as a good distraction from the “drama” they’re all experiencing at home. For her, it’s more drama with Luke‘s family. But that doesn’t stop him from proposing to her!

Kayla Sessler yells at Luke’s family on ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’. (MTV)

Rachel and Kiaya are also dealing with their exes getting out of prison, while Madisen is freaking out after learning she’s expecting again. Apparently, she thought the “pull-out method” would work for her, but clearly, it didn’t.

A group trip to Los Angeles may have been a good distraction for a bit, but the drama is definitely still there when the girls return home to their regular lives.

MTV described the new season in the following way: “Young moms navigate the highs and lows of parenthood in an all new season. The group meets up in person for the first time in Los Angeles, where they form bonds and learn to lean on each other through the trials of family dysfunction, absentee partners, relationship woes and all of the responsibilities that come with having a child. When it feels like there’s nowhere else to turn, these moms have each other.”

Want more? The new season of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant premieres Tuesday, June 28th at 9pm on MTV.

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