Kim Kardashian Shows Off Private Plane With King-Sized Bed, Cashmere Seats & More

'The Kardashians' viewers got a look inside Kim Kardashian's $150 million plane during the show's June 2 episode -- and it's even more lavish than you could imagine!

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Kim Kardashian has worked hard for her money, and she isn’t afraid to spend it! In 2021, Kim made one of her biggest purchases yet when she bought her own private plane, a la Kylie Jenner. Kim got to tour the plane for the first time while heading to the Dominican Republic to shoot her Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit cover, and it was documented on the June 2 episode of The Kardashians.

“I never dreamed I would own a plane,” Kim admitted. “I wanted it to feel like an extension of me and an extension of my home.” She took the cameras through the massive aircraft on a tour, explaining how she hand-picked every detail. “Usually planes are dark with lighter leather. Mine, I had custom all-light wood,” she revealed. “I had a bathroom put in the front, a bathroom in the back. Every seat has its own phone charger. But the best, most exciting part of the plane is it’s all cashmere — cashmere ceilings, pillows, headrests. Ugh, what a dream.”

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Kim Kardashian getting off her private plane. (

In addition to enjoying the private jet herself, Kim also welcomed some of her closest team members on-board for the first ride. The plane also features a bedroom in the back with two beds that can be combined into one king-sized bed. That, of course, will come in handy when Kim is riding with her man, Pete Davidson! Speaking of Pete, he called her while she was aboard the aircraft, and she told him she would give him the tour, as well.

Kim’s ideas for her private plane were still flowing in once she got ready for take-off, too. “I’m gonna do no shoes on the plane and do custom SKIMs slippers,” she shared. “Wouldn’t it be so cute if I made custom SKIMs in this color? Pajamas, socks, blankets and slippers. And then, like, instead of that clay lacy runner, it should say AIR KIM. Or KIM AIR? I think KIM AIR.” Not a bad ride, that’s for sure!