’90 Day Fiance’ Preview: Emily Storms Off After Kobe Snaps At Her & Refuses Her Help

The tension between Emily and Kobe boils over into a fight while Kobe is trying to prove himself to her parents in this EXCLUSIVE '90 Day Fiance' preview.

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Kobe is working in the stables when Emily comes up and asks if he needs help shoveling any of the manure in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the June 5 episode of 90 Day Fiance. Kobe refuses her help. Emily doesn’t understand why Kobe wouldn’t just want to get this done quickly so they can hang out.

“Let me do it my own way, alright?” Kobe tells Emily. When she sees him struggling, Emily tries to give Kobe advice. He doesn’t take it well. “Are you serious? It’s like you want us to fight about almost everything,” Kobe says.

90 Day Fiance
Emily and Kobe fight in our preview. (TLC)

Emily snaps, “Stop talking and just do it.” Kobe thinks Emily just wants to “control everything” and doesn’t know why she’s hounding him. “I wish you would just listen to me,” Emily continues.

Kobe feels like Emily is “just trying to make her family know that she is in control of me. But I’m losing my patience.” Emily gets fed up with Kobe and says she’s not going to help anymore. She also thinks he’s being rude.

“Can you just shut the f**k up?” Kobe retorts in front of Emily’s mom. Emily is left stunned. “I cannot believe you just said that to me,” Emily says. Kobe goes off on Emily and says that he doesn’t need her here while he’s working. She storms off and doesn’t look back. “F**k off,” Kobe adds.

90 Day Fiance
Kobe gets mad at Emily for trying to control him. (TLC)

Emily and Kobe met on a night out in China. Their one-night stand quickly turned into an engagement and pregnancy. When Emily returned to Kansas, they both assumed Kobe’s visa would be quickly approved, but the pandemic delayed him by almost two years. During that time, Emily gave birth to their son and has been raising and supporting him on her own, while Kobe has not even had the chance to meet him yet. Kobe has finally made it to Kansas, and it’s been quite the adjustment. The series airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC.