‘RHODubai’ Recap: Chanel Ayan Claps Back After She’s Not Invited To Caroline Stanbury’s Engagement Party

The series premiere of 'The Real Housewives of Dubai' ended with a fight at Nina Ali's rooftop dinner.

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Bravo took viewers to the city of gold — Dubai — with the highly-anticipated series premiere of The Real Housewives of Dubai on June 1. The elite social circles of this town include tech entrepreneurs, including Sara Al Madani, and fashion moguls, such as Lesa Milan. Ladies of London alum Caroline Stanbury is also part of the cast, and this week, she celebrated her engagement on a yacht. Unfortunately for her, however, sandstorms started to gather on the horizon when Caroline Brooks made it known that Chanel Ayan was left off the invite list. And it all came to a head, under the new moon, at Nina Ali’s rooftop dinner.

This week, Caroline revealed she had already legally married her now-husband, Sergio Carrallo, but since she was still planning a big wedding ceremony for friends and family to attend, she wanted to throw an engagement party. So that’s what she did — but she didn’t invite Chanel, who she feels is only an “acquaintance”.

‘RHODubai’s Caroline Stanbury (Chris Haston/Bravo)

Apparently, Caroline Brooks called Chanel before the party to find out if she was invited. And when Caroline found out that Chanel wasn’t invited, she made a joke about Caroline Stanbury only wanting to invite people who are “important” to her. Chanel actually revealed this during a rooftop dinner that Nina Ali was hosting in the final few minutes of this week’s episode. Everyone had been talking about the party and how fun it was, when Chanel asked if they could talk about something else — something she had experienced, too. Everyone thought she was being shady until she revealed that Caroline Brooks told her that Caroline Stanbury didn’t think she was “important” enough to invite. Caroline Brooks, however, denied saying that. She said she was joking and never said that Caroline Stanbury said such a thing. Caroline Brooks said that she jokingly insinuated that Chanel wasn’t “important” enough, and that was all.

But Caroline Stanbury didn’t really care. In fact, she unashamedly revealed that she, in fact, does not like Chanel, and it’s true — she wasn’t “important” enough to invite. So while Caroline Brooks might have been saying it as a joke initially, Caroline Stanbury said it’s now a fact. Yikes!

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