Kanye West Admits He Loves Being ‘Super Dad’ As He Takes Kids To School In A Fire Truck

Kanye West went all-out during the new episode of 'The Kardashians' by showing up at Kim Kardashian's house to surprise their kids with an actual fire truck.

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Kanye North West
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When Kanye West has something in his mind, he’s going to see it through to the very end. In the May 18 episode of The Kardashians, Kanye brings a real-life fire truck to Kim Kardashian’s house. Kanye is here to pick up the kids to take them to school. He loves to do that,” Kim says.

Kanye West
Kanye West with Chicago and North in the fire truck. (Hulu)

When North West, 8, and Saint West, 6, walk out of the house, Kanye asks North if she told Saint about the fire truck. “Mom said it was a surprise,” North replies. Kim notes that “in his very Kanye way he comes in a full fire truck.”

Kim hops in the fire truck and gets so excited for her kids, who are wowed by all that the fire truck has to offer. “No matter what we’re going through I always want my kids to be around their dad as much as possible and just to have their mornings with dad and get dropped off at school,” Kim admits.

Little Psalm West, 3, even gets in on the fun. He gets to “drive” the car — while it’s completely parked — and blow the horn. Even though she’s not in school yet, Chicago West, 4, sits right beside her dad in the fire truck as he takes North and Saint to school. “We’re going to school in a fire truck,” a very excited North says.

For Kanye, he wants to be the best possible dad he can be for his kids. “I think sometimes people are kind of bashful to be super dads. Everybody wants to be like a cool dad, and sometimes you’ve just gotta like wear the fire hat. You know what I mean? Sometimes you gotta wear the Easter bunny costume,” the rapper says while sweetly holding Chicago.

Kanye North West
Kanye West with daughter North. ( Archivio Mezzanotti/Shutterstock)

Kanye and Kim are in the midst of a divorce, but they are still putting co-parenting first for the sake of their kids. HollywoodLife learned EXCLUSIVELY that Kim is doing “everything in her power to maintain an amicable co-parenting relationship” with Kanye. “Kim knows Kanye will always be in her life and so there really is no other choice than to get along for the sake of their kids. It hasn’t been easy, but if it means their kids ultimately benefit then she’s willing to do whatever it takes.” New episodes of The Kardashians are released Thursdays on Hulu.