‘Station 19’ Stars Hint The Show Will ‘Lose Some Of The Family’ & More In Season 5 Finale

HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with 'Station 19' stars Jason George and Jaina Lee Ortiz about the season 5 finale, which will leave fans 'in shock.'

Jaina Lee Ortiz Jason George
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Station 19 will wrap its fifth season on May 19 with a show-stopping finale. As Andy tries to track down a witness to testify at her trial, the crew ends up face-to-face with radioactive materials on a call. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Jason George and Jaina Lee Ortiz about the finale episode.

Jaina Lee Ortiz Jason George
Jaina Lee Ortiz and Jason George at the 2022 Disney Upfront. (ABC)

“It’s about family. We’ve been focusing a lot on family, your real family, and that family that you put together as you get older in life. The family comes together to take care of each other, and we lose some of the family. That’s all I can put out there,” Jason told HollywoodLife at the Disney Upfront in New York City on May 17. He added that you “have to watch until the very end of the episode.”

Jaina noted that the finale will contain “a bit of everything. I feel like you’re going to end up in shock. You’re going to feel good and laugh and cry and maybe smile.”

As for those radioactive materials the crew has to deal with, Jason warned that “Ben is known for jumping in before he thinks all the way. Radioactive materials are not the best scenario for him in this situation. And then it’s kids in the mix on top of it. It ends up being a really great episode. I had a lot of fun. There’s nothing more fun than having your character amped up and emotional, and then you’ve got to find a way to try and hold that in. That push-pull, that pressure is what’s fun for us as actors.”

Over the past several episodes, Andy’s life has evolved into total chaos. After she was attacked and nearly raped by Jeremy, she killed him in self-defense. Jaina said it’s “a neverending journey with Andy because I feel like the beautiful part of my character is putting through the darkest, deepest trauma, and then watching her come out of it. Seeing a powerful woman, a Latina on TV, survive all the toxic, chaotic, traumatic events in her life really shows and speaks to her strength. Her dad dying, her best friend dying, getting married, getting a divorce, and then her mom coming out of nowhere after believing she was dead her entire life has got to be the most painful thing to process, let alone play as an actor.”

Jaina Lee Ortiz
Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy. (ABC)

Jaina stressed that Andy will always “speak up and stand up for whatever is right. She’ll do whatever it takes to basically own her power and make things right and stand up to men, abusers, and also men who are trying to take over her position at work.” Station 19 will return for season 6 on ABC.

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