Lori Harvey Reveals How She Lost 15 Lbs. Of ‘Relationship Weight’ Amid Romance With Michael B. Jordan

Lori Harvey shared the fitness and diet routine she went on after 'none' of her 'clothes fit' at the beginning of her relationship with Michael B. Jordan, in a new video for her followers.

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Lori Harvey, 25, revealed she gained 15 lbs. of “relationship weight” when she first started dating Michael B. Jordan and gave details about how she lost it all, in a new TikTok video. The model spilled information about the fitness and diet routine she went by to get back down to the size she was before, as she sat in a car, in the recent clip. She wore a black Balenciaga baseball cap and a white tee as she cruised the open road with palm trees behind her, and accessorized with silver hoop earrings.


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“When Mike and I got together, I gained like 15 pounds of relationship weight and it was horrible, none of my clothes fit, it was just not OK,” Lori she said in the video. “So I’ve been consistently doing Pilates for like the last year. I’ve done it for a few years, but I’ve been really consistent the last year.”

“When I was trying to drop weight, I was working out like five, six times a week, and I would even do, for the first month and a half, I would even do two-a-days,” she continued. “I think I was consuming maybe 1,200 calories in a day, max. And I wasn’t on like a specific eating regimen. I was trying to do like meat and veggies and like minimal carbs.”

Lori Harvey, Michael B. Jordan
Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan first started dating in Nov. 2020. (David Fisher/Shutterstock)

Lori went on to also credit Pilates and cardio for helping her to lose weight and gain muscles. “That’s how you drop,” she said. “Pilates alone is not going to make you lose weight. It’s just going to give you long lean muscles. So yeah, that’s how I did it.”

Lori’s weight gain and loss comes after she and Michael started their romance in Nov. 2020. The lovebirds’ connection has only gotten more serious over time and at the end of 2021, Michael even admitted to falling in love with the beauty. Although he didn’t mention her by name, he made it clear that she has inspired him to take roles about being in love.

“One of the things that helps me choose roles or which ones I stay away from is how much I feel like I have to give to the role. Certain life experiences I never had. So I didn’t feel like I could pull from a personal place. I could not make it connect to me,” he said in an interview on The View. “Now that I am in a place where I have fallen in love. I know what that’s like.”