‘Doctor Strange 2’ Finally Reveals [Spoiler]: All About Those Insane Cameos

The Illuminati was revealed in 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' and featured some game-changing characters. One casting was confirmed after countless fan speculation. SPOILERS!

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Benedict Cumberbatch
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Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios/Marvel Studios/Everett Collection

Doctor Strange’s travels through the Multiverse bring him to Earth 838 in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Baron Mordo takes Strange to face the Illuminati, who are revealed to be a team of heroes that are basically Earth 838’s version of the Avengers. One of those heroes is none other than Mr. Fantastic, played by the one and only John Krasinski.

John Krasinski
John Krasinski plays Mr. Fantastic in ‘Doctor Strange 2.’ (Gregory Pace/Shutterstock)

John has been a favorite pick amongst fans to play the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Mr. Fantastic. Many fans believed that he’d show up in WandaVision, but that never came to fruition. All of that manifesting over the years worked. John is officially the new Reed Richards, at least on Earth 838.

But he’s not the only notable person that’s part of the Illuminati. Captain Carter is a member as well, with Marvel fave Hayley Atwell in the role, along with Captain Marvel (Lashana Lynch), Black Bolt (Anson Mount), and Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart).

Reed explains to Doctor Strange of Earth 616, the main timeline in the MCU, that the “biggest danger to the Multiverse” is him. Their version of Doctor Strange got a hold of the Darkhold in the fight to take down Thanos. He triggered an “incursion” and destroyed an entire universe in the process. Black Bolt took one for the team and killed the Earth 838 Doctor Strange. The Illuminati allowed their version of Strange to be looked upon as a hero.

The Illuminati tells Strange that they can handle whatever Scarlet Witch throws at them, but they wholly underestimated her. In her quest to get her hands on America Chavez, the young girl whose Multiverse-hopping powers Scarlet Witch is trying to steal, Scarlet Witch goes toe-to-toe with the Illuminati — and wins.

Scarlet Witch, who is dreamwalking as Wanda of Earth 838, kills Mr. Fantastic, Captain Carter, Captain Marvel, Black Bolt, and even Charles Xavier on Earth 838. She even slices Captain Carter in half with Captain Carter’s shield.

Benedict Cumberbatch
Doctor Strange as he meets the Illuminati. (Walt Disney Studios/Marvel Studios/Everett Collection)

So what does this mean about John’s future as Mr. Fantastic? The answer is unclear at the moment. Marvel Studios is working on a Fantastic Four reboot, and John could very well be a part of it. On Earth 838, Reed mentions that he has a wife and kids. That sparks another question: who is his Sue Storm? Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is in theaters now.