‘RHONJ’ Recap: Teresa Giudice Threatens To ‘Beat’ Margaret Josephs During Nashville Fight

Teresa Giudice nearly flipped a table during the April 12 episode of 'RHONJ', after Margaret Josephs called her a 'disgusting liar'.

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Teresa Giudice, Margaret Josephs
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Teresa Giudice‘s wild attack on Margaret Josephs finally aired in full during the April 12 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and it was as shocking as the preview made it out to be. It all started when Teresa accused Margaret of talking to people in Luis Ruelas’ past and spreading information about him to the blogs. Margaret called Teresa a “disgusting liar”, and Teresa lost it.

Teresa threw several glasses and dishes at Margaret, called her a “bitch”, and said she’s “disgusting”. Luis quickly tried escorting Teresa out of the restaurant they were at in Nashville, but before she could leave, Margaret yelled, “Luckily you’re still not on parole”. That prompted Teresa to call Margaret a “f***ing wh*re” and a “white trash bitch”.

As Teresa walked out, she told Margaret to stay out of her face, and if she didn’t, she’d “beat” her. Then, she desperately tried getting everyone on her side. Especially brother Joe Gorga and his wife, Melissa. “You better get that bitch out of my face,” Teresa told Joe.

In the moments thereafter, everyone tried making sense of what had just happened. Frank Catania said Teresa’s actions were completely “unprovoked”, and Jackie Goldschneider said she felt “bad for Margaret”.

“Margaret hasn’t gone after Luis or Teresa,” Frank said in the aftermath of the fight. “Tonight, it was Teresa coming after Margaret.”

Downstairs at the restaurant, Joe, Melissa and Luis tried calming Teresa down, but it didn’t work. “You want to come at me? I’ll come at you 20 times harder,” Teresa told Melissa, while discussing her fight with Margaret. “She needs to be taught a lesson. I’m going to [go] up there and beat the crap out of [her],” Teresa told Melissa before she stormed back upstairs and started hurling more expletives at Margaret. “She f***ed the wrong girl, f*** her.”

Dolores Catania said she “didn’t like what just happened”, yet, she still wanted to leave the venue with Teresa. And that upset Margaret, who views Dolores as one of her best friends. “She’s a disgusting beast. If you go home with [Teresa], that is disgusting,” Margaret told Dolores. Frank reminded Dolores that they were the hosts of the trip, so Dolores had no choice but to stay. However, Jennifer Aydin did leave with Teresa. She said she “didn’t condone” what had just happened, but she hoped she could talk some sense into Teresa and “be there for her” and be “the calming voice of reason”.

On the way home, Luis asked Teresa why she threw dinnerware at Margaret, and Teresa said she wished she had thrown the entire table at her and “smashed it in her face”. Melissa told Teresa that she was acting “crazy”, but Teresa didn’t think so. And she was so angry that as soon as she got back to the rental house in Nashville, she packed her bags and headed to a hotel with Luis.

Margaret then said all the rumors about Luis must be true because people don’t act like Teresa did when they’re happy.

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