‘iCarly’s Miranda Cosgrove Admits She Wants Carly To ‘Realize’ She Has ‘Feelings For Freddie’

Carly and Freddie are the ultimate will-they-or-won't-they pair. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, and more of the cast about season 2, the Carly and Freddie 'slow burn,' and more.

Miranda Cosgrove Nathan Kress
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Since iCarly’s original run, fans have been wondering if Carly and Freddie will ever get together. There have been plenty of moments where it looked like things were headed that way, and the season 2 trailer definitely played into that. Miranda Cosgrove weighed in during our EXCLUSIVE interview about whether or not she wants to see a romance between Carly and Freddie actually happen.

“I would like to see my character, Carly, finally realize that she has feelings for the Freddie character because I just feel like it’s gone on for so long,” Miranda said. “They’re such good friends. So I could see where the audience would enjoy finally seeing that happen. I mean, I guess it happened a little bit in the original series, but it was always so short-lived, and it kind of felt too one-sided. I think that could be cool to see them as adults finally having something real.”

Miranda Cosgrove Nathan Kress
Miranda Cosgrove and Nathan Kress as Carly and Freddie. (Paramount+)

Nathan Kress admitted that it “wouldn’t be iCarly without a slow burn. I think we’ve pretty much locked into that being kind of our timeframe.” He noted that “even more questions ultimately ended up getting raised after the first episode, I think the whole thing is a mystery not only to the audience but also to us as characters. It’s just something that is getting figured out as time goes on. But things get even more dicey at the introduction of Freddie’s girlfriend character over the course of the season, and then that raises a whole different set of complications in the relationship between Carly and Freddie. Big changes are afoot for sure.”

In addition to the Carly and Freddie situation, many fans also ship Spencer and Harper. Both Jerry Trainor and Laci Mosley revealed how they feel about the growing Sharper fandom. “Well, I dated her cousin. How creepy is Spencer going to be? He’s just going to like go through the whole family? Come on. Calm it down, Spence. There’s plenty of fish in the sea. Also, the fact that she’s my little sister’s friend. It creates a whole level of awkward. I don’t know,” Jerry said.

Laci added, “The thing about Harper and Spencer is they love to get into shenanigans together. They’re really good friends. So I think you’ll see that relationship extends itself even further. There might be some moments where there looks like a little tension, but I can’t give away too much.”

Season 2 of the Paramount+ series will also feature a Drake & Josh reunion. Josh Peck will guest star on the series, reuniting with his former onscreen sister. “It’s definitely a different dynamic on the show since I’m playing the Carly character,” Miranda told HollywoodLife. “His character in the show is my character’s manager. It was so fun getting to work with him again and just getting to hang out with him on set and experience that again after so many years have passed. When I started Drake & Josh I was 8, and now I’m 28. So just to get to be around him and get to work with him I had such a great time. He’s in more than one episode over the course of the seasons. I was just so excited to get to act with him and hang out with him.”

The revival series will continue to bring back familiar faces in season 2, including Guppy and Chuck. “I loved seeing those guys. The audience has always loved that Spencer-Chuck rivalry. He was so excited to be back. It was just like old times. It was awesome,” Jerry said.

The cast of ‘iCarly’ season 2. (Paramount+)

As for Freddie, Nathan revealed that “Freddie’s entrepreneurial drive actually ends up kind of kickstarting Spencer’s entrepreneurial drive as time goes on in the season, and that creates a whole different path as well for him. That’s what I like about the season is everybody kind of has these roots that were laid down in the first season that are really expanding out, and they have a lot of new and cool things going on. So Freddie’s trying his best. It does not go very smoothly in a lot of ways. That usually gets him into more trouble than success at this point, but that’s something that I’m looking forward to seeing in future seasons, to have him really kind of getting his legs under him and sort of getting his mojo back from a business standpoint as well as relational standpoint.” iCarly season 2 premieres April 8 with 2 brand-new episodes on Paramount+.

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