Amy Schumer Says Kirsten Dunst Was ‘In On’ Her Seat Filler Joke At 2022 Oscars: ‘I Love Her’

Amy Schumer shared that Kirsten Dunst knew about the seat filler joke and shared she 'wouldn't disrespect a queen' by springing it on her unexpectedly.

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Amy Schumer, Kirsten Dunst
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Amy Schumer wants to reassure fans that her Oscars joke at Kirsten Dunst’s expense didn’t land as awkwardly as everyone thought. Kirsten may have sold the joke a little too well as Amy revealed that Kirsten was, in fact, in on the joke and knew it was going to happen ahead of time. The Trainwreck star shared that it wasn’t intended to make the Oscar nominee feel uncomfortable and that she’d never “disrespect” her like that.

Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer at the 2022 Oscars. (Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock)

“Hey I appreciate the love for Kirsten Dunst,” she wrote on her Instagram Story (via People). “I love her too! That was a choreographed bit she was in on.” She even proclaimed Kirsten as royalty while defending her own joke. “Wouldn’t disrespect that queen like that,” she added. Amy made the joke during a set about seat fillers. She explained that there are plenty of jobs at the Oscars including seat fillers, which she described as someone who fills a celebrity’s seat when they go to the bathroom.

The comedian then decided she would demonstrate an example of how seat fillers work. She approached Kirsten and her husband Jesse Plemons and pretended that Kirsten, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in The Power Of The Dog, was a seat filler. “OK, here’s a seat filler. Honey, do you want to go to the bathroom?” Amy asked.

Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons (AFF-USA/Shutterstock)

Kirsten seemed to be caught off guard by the bit and stood up awkwardly off to the side as Amy took her seat. She got comfy and talked with Jesse about his role in the film. “You know that was my wife, Amy,” Jesse then said, addressing the uncomfortable moment, to which Schumer replied, “You’re married to that seat filler?”

Amy hosted the Oscars alongside Wanda Sykes and Regina HallThe three women had great chemistry during their opening speech. “This year the Academy hired three women to host, because it’s cheaper than hiring one man,” Amy quipped in a joke that landed much better than her seat filler joke. She also nailed it when she had to go on shortly after Will Smith slapped Chris Rockstating, “Did I miss anything?”