Kim Kardashian’s Feelings On Kanye West Being Off Social Media Revealed

With Kanye West absent from social media for the moment, Kim Kardashian feels 'amazing' and 'can breathe,' HL learned exclusively.

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kim kardashian kanye west
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Ever since Kanye West, 44, was banned from social media for 24 hours, he’s been uncharacteristically quiet, not sharing a single post with his millions of followers. But as far as ex-wife Kim Kardashian,  41, is concerned, a dormant Kanye Instagram is a “win” in her book. HollywoodLife learned EXCLUSIVELY from a source close to Kim that, when it comes to her feelings on Kanye’s social media silence, “to have a reprieve, even if it is temporary, is as much of a breath of fresh air as possible.”

kim kardashian kanye west
Kim Kardashian has finally had a “chance to breathe” since Kanye West has been MIA from social media. (JASON SZENES/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

One week out from Kanye’s social media rampage, Kim reportedly feels like she “has had a chance to breathe” after weeks of stress and frustration. “This is the first week in so long that she has not had to worry every single day what he is up to and what he is going to do, and it is a very nice change,” a source close to Kim revealed. “She hopes that he is coming to terms with his actions and that he has decided to turn a new leaf.”

The same insider also revealed that Kim and Pete, who finally went Instagram official on Mar. 11, have been finding relief as a couple since Kanye took his hiatus. “Kim and Pete have not had to check their phones every two mins to see what Kanye has said and it has been beyond satisfying,” the source explained.

Ultimately, regardless of their relationship status or even their speaking terms, Kim just wants the best for Kanye, and for their shared family. “Kim has nothing but love for Kanye and she only wishes him the best,” the insider shared. The kids need him in their lives, and they all need the drama to end. She’s hoping that it finally has so they can get on with their lives.”

Another source close to both Kanye and Kim emphasized how emotionally overwhelmed Kim had been by Kanye’s outbursts, even if she didn’t feel comfortable sharing her own distress with her social media following. “[Kim] is trying to handle Kanye as civilly as possible and behind closed doors, because what he has said and done affects her, Pete, and her entire family for that matter,” the source explained. “It has been frustrating, scary, and sad among so many other emotions for Kim to deal with Kanye in all his day-to-day grandeur and all his carrying on.”

Although Kim may see this new update in Kanye’s life as a win for her and her family, she has no qualms about the many steps that remain in repairing their relationship. Just today, the co-parents seemingly took the first step after they reunited alongside daughter North at son Saint‘s soccer game. “[Kim] knows there is likely a long road ahead but she will take any wins she can get in the meantime,” the insider concluded.