‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Jade Cline Learns Her Mom Christy’s Going To Jail

With Sean away at rehab, Jade opened the door for her mom again -- but Christy dropped shocking news about jail time that caused even more stress for Jade.

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The March 22 episode of Teen Mom 2 was another dramatic one. Kailyn Lowry was missing again, as she chose to stop filming once she learned her ex, Chris Lopez, had joined the show, but the other girls held their own and delivered one of the best episodes in a long time.

To start, Jade Cline struggled to raise Kloie on her own without Sean around. Sean is still away at rehab, so Jade was left with no other choice than to call her mom, Christy, for help. Especially after she learned Kloie needed dental surgery for some sort of tooth pain. But when it came time to take Kloie to the dentist, Christy came down with the “stomach flu”. Jade had to take Kloie to the dentist alone, and she didn’t give her a mom a hard time for bailing either. But later, when Christy showed up with yet another XXXL soda in her hand, she dropped some shocking news — she was going to jail. Christy explained that she and her partner were arrested three years ago because a “roach” of marijuana was found in their car. She took a plea deal and will now go to jail for 45 days. Unfortunately for Jade, that means no more help with Kloie — but if we’re being honest, was Christy even helping to begin with?

Meanwhile, Briana DeJesus went on a family vacation, however, the fun was cut short when tensions between her and Javi boiled over. We’re not exactly sure why Briana invited Javi and his kids on the trip with her family, considering they were already fighting over her appearance on Chris Lopez‘s podcast, but Briana seems to be a glutton for punishment, so there’s that. Anyway, when he arrived, they barely spoke to each other and gave each other a side hug as if they’re Duggars courting. Then, off-camera, Briana and Javi got into a huge fight over the podcast appearance. An article claimed MTV cameras were not present during the podcast interview, but Briana told Javi they were, so he accused her of lying. And then, they broke up. She later told her mom and sister that he asked for her engagement ring back, and she threw it outside and told him to go find it. She also said she doesn’t think she’ll ever talk to him again.

Later, Ashley Jones navigated living with Bar after his return from Ohio. They’re still broken up, so at times, it was awkward and definitely confusing. Ashley seems set on staying apart, but Bar still loves Ashley and said that it’s hard to feel like they’re broken up when they’re still living together.

Finally, Leah Messer invited Jaylan over for a visit, while her daughters were away at their dads’ houses. She really likes him and said she feels comfortable talking to him about her personal life, including what’s going on with her daughters. However, she told her sister that she won’t introduce Jaylan to the girls until they’re exclusive.

Want more drama? New episodes of Teen Mom 2 air Tuesdays at 8pm on MTV.

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