Jennifer Aniston, 53, Reveals Her Fitness Secret: An Intense ‘Climbing Cardio Class’ & Jump Rope

Jennifer Aniston also revealed how she starts her morning, including a lemon water and oatmeal routine to keep her skin glowing.

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Jennifer Aniston has barely aged a day since Friends started way back in 1994 — and the 53-year-old is opening up about how she stays in such amazing shape. The actress explained that she has been sticking to an intense “climbing cardio class” on a stair master in an ew interview with First For Women magazine published in March 2022.

“It’s such a great workout,” she said of the exercise, which she does Rise Nation with her trainer Leyon Azubuike, who is also the founder of popular boxing gym Gloveworx. West Hollywood’s Rise Nation is a fitness center that offers only 30-minute classes on indoor climbing machines called Versaclimbers. The routine claims to burn twice as many calories than other cardio exercises, per the website.

Jennifer Aniston shows off her figure in a white dress. (Shutterstock)

Another secret she uses for working out? Not doing the same thing all the time. “Changing up my workout routine is key…I always try to surprise my muscles,” she said to the publication. At home, she works closely with Leyon who has developed a customized routine for his A-List client that includes jumping rope.

“When my trainer Leyon, whom I love more than life, handed me a jump rope for the first time, I said, ‘You’re out of your mind,'” Jennifer confessed. “I would dread doing it and I would skip instead of jump over the rope…He kept saying, ‘No, do it correctly.’ It was so irritating,” she recalled. Despite hating the workout at first, the Morning Show star says it became more or less second nature. “But within six months my jumping became fluid. Now I can just go and go and go.”

The interview also detailed other parts of Jennifer’s beauty and health routines, including starting her day with lemon water and a solid breakfast. “During quarantine I loved cooking…I also do oatmeal with an egg white whipped in. Do it right before the oatmeal is finished cooking — it gives extra protein and this fluffy texture that’s delicious,” she shared with readers.

While lemons and a healthy diet no doubt contribute to her signature glow, she also explained she gets facials weekly as well as meditates. “It’s my favorite moment,” she said of meditation at home. “I wish we could freeze time in that magic hour because there’s a lot of taking it all in, the appreciation of the day.”