Jason Sudeikis Goes All ‘Mission: Impossible’ With The Special Effects In TurboTax’s SB Ad

Jason Sudeikis gears up for a matchmaker from the tax software package giant in a cool red outfit. And the ‘Ted Lasso’ star proves that if Tom Cruise ever wants to retire from being Ethan Hunt, he’s a good replacement.

TurboTax’s commercial for Super Bowl LVI is one part Mission: Impossible makeup stunt, one part OK Go music video, and one part Saturday Night Live skit, courtesy of funnyman Jason Sudeikis. “TurboTax Live matches you with a tax expert who is a perfect match for you,” says one of the TurboTax experts at the start of the spot. A freelancer with a cat, who just bought a home that’s ALSO her office, asks if that expert is a perfect match. Turns out – they are! But, what if this freelancer was crypto investor in Iowa? Or, what if that person was really a former sketch comedy actor, turned celebrated comedic actor who works in London, lives in New York, and is named Jason Sudeikis? Turns out, TurboTax has an expert for that.

The ad features a lot of face makeup and effects similar to an M:I film, but the process of getting the most out of your tax return is nowhere near impossible. “This season, fans can hand off their taxes to a TurboTax Live expert matched to their unique situation,” said Cathleen Ryan, svp of marketing for Intuit TurboTax, in a statement to AdWeek. “With a team of thousands of tax experts, TurboTax has the right expert for everyone’s unique, fun and crazy life. So find your match, hand off your taxes and enjoy the game.”

As fans found out in the teaser for the spot, sometimes the most important match could be with the person helping with your taxes! Jason hinted at this in the sneak preview of the Super Bowl Sunday commercial. The commercial promised the the 46-year-old actor would meet his match in the upcoming TurboTax commercial that’ll air during Super Bowl LVI.

The commercial showed a shy-looking woman with black hair, thick-rimmed glasses, and a red flannel cradling a white cat. She gave smile before it cut to a woman in a formal blue dress with a red TurboTax pin who offered a smile at the camera, showing that she’s a tax expert. It also showed a bearded man with the same red flannel on, before cutting to a male tax expert sporting a white t-shirt and a blue sweater with the same TurboTax pin. His t-shirt also had the phrase “We’re All Down To Earth On It.” As it showed the people with their matches, a voiceover in the commercial teased viewers about the upcoming commercial. “Everyone out there has a match that is just right for them. This Super Bowl Sunday, find yours,” they said.

Jason rocked a red t-shirt while ready to meet his match in the TurboTax Super Bowl ad. (TurboTax / YouTube)

After showing the man and woman with their matches, it showed Jason in a dry cleaners, while sporting a red t-shirt. Next to him, a red flannel just like the first two people were hanging up, along with a rubber mask that looked like a woman with glasses, hooped earrings, and brown hair. The Ted Lasso actor asked if he could find out his mask now, before the voiceover told him to wait until Sunday! The commercial ended with a woman in a blue polo and TurboTax button winking into the camera.

While Jason may be waiting to meet his tax expert in the Super Bowl commercial, he seems like he may have met his real-life match with model Keeley Hazell. After the Horrible Bosses star’s split from Olivia Wilde in 2020, Jason’s been seen out and about with the model, and the two have even been spotted sharing romantic kisses on a vacation to Mexico in November 2021.

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