‘Euphoria’ Recap: Rue Lashes Out & Reveals Cassie & Nate’s Secret Relationship

As Rue went through withdrawal during the all-new 'Euphoria,' she burned down bridges with her friends and loved ones. She also spilled the beans about Cassie and Nate's hookups -- in front of Maddy.

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The February 6 episode of Euphoria begins in the midst of the chaos in the Bennett house. Leslie tries to confront Rue about doing drugs again. Rue lies and says she’s only doing weed. She screams at Gia over saying something to their mom. Poor Gia swears she didn’t say a word.

Leslie knows that Rue isn’t just doing weed. She knows about the opiates. Rue continues to try to lie, but Leslie knows the truth. Jules is the one who told Rue’s mom everything.

Rue Lashes Out At Jules

When Rue realizes she can’t find the suitcase full of drugs, Rue freaks out. She gets in her mother’s face to try and intimidate her. “You’re not a good person, Rue,” Leslie says. Rue retaliates and calls Leslie a bad mother. When Rue doesn’t stop, Leslie slaps her and throws her out of Gia’s room.

Rue breaks down Gia’s door and begins destroying her own room. Gia is in tears. Rue tries to find the suitcase, but she learns that all the pills were flushed down the toilet from Jules, who is sitting in the front room with Elliot.

Hunter Schafer
Hunter Schafer as Jules. (HBO)

Rue turns her attention on Jules. “You are f**king dead to me,” Rue tells Jules. She gets right up in Jules’ face to tell her, “You and me? We’re f**king done. There’s nothing f**king there anymore. Nothing. F**king. There.” Rue takes it one step further and says meeting Jules was the biggest regret of her life. Jules begins to cry, but Rue doesn’t let up. She brings up Jules leaving when she needed her the most.

Rue winds up in the car with Leslie and Gia. Leslie’s taking Rue to rehab, but Rue is adamantly opposed to it. So much so she gets out of the car in the middle of traffic. She runs to Fez and gets no answer, so she tries Lexi’s house.

She asks to use the bathroom. It’s clear that she’s going through withdrawal. Lexi and Cassie’s mom makes small talk and asks if she’s clean. Rue lies. When Rue goes to the bathroom, Suze tells Lexi that Rue is not doing well. Rue goes looking for drugs and steals a pair of earrings.

Rue Reveals Cassie & Nate’s Relationship

As she heads down the stairs, Rue sees her mother. Leslie attempts to stage an intervention with the Rue. Cassie walks in and nonchalantly tells her to take sobriety “one day at a time.” This is the moment when Rue asks Cassie — in front of Maddy — how long she’s been hooking up with Nate. Rue says she saw Cassie get into Nate’s truck.

Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney as Cassie. (HBO)

Cassie starts to cry, while Maddy flips out. Maddy gets in Cassie’s face and calls her the most “self-centered, idiot person.” Rue’s attempt to deflect the situation away from her works at first, but Suze and Leslie try to get it back on track. Maddy won’t let the revelation go and goes after Cassie. In the midst of the chaos, Rue is able to run off.

Rue shows up at Fezco’s apartment. He catches her looking for drugs and promptly kicks her out. Rue’s back on the road once again. She spots a couple leaving their apartment, so she sneaks in under their garage door before it closes. She steals some jewelry before the couple comes home. She hides under the bed.

The woman notices that something’s missing in her bathroom and tells her boyfriend to grab the gun. He finds Rue under the bed, but she’s able to escape before getting caught.

Meanwhile, Gia and Leslie are still out looking for Rue. Rue crosses paths with cops, who decide to chase after her. Rue manages to survive her second run across oncoming traffic, but not before causing a wreck. She hides in a trash can to avoid cops.

Rue Goes To Laurie For Help

In the end, Rue finds herself at Laurie’s place. Rue is terrified of Laurie, who claims she’s never been angry in her entire life. Laurie, in the same monotone voice, explains her life story and how she got addicted. Despite understanding Rue’s situation, she still wants her money. She doesn’t want Rue’s stolen jewelry.

Laurie helps Rue get into a bath. Rue begs Laurie for any kind of drug. Laurie gives Rue morphine intravenously for the first time. Things just went from bad to worse for Rue. When Rue wakes up, the door is locked. She can’t find the keys either. Laurie is still asleep in the bedroom, along with her boyfriend.

Rue goes into the bathroom to try the window. Laurie’s guy wakes up and goes looking for the noise he heard. Rue, who must be the luckiest person on the planet, is able to get out of the bathroom window and jump to the ground before Laurie’s guy can catch her. She runs out of the apartment complex, getting out just before the gate closes. As Rue makes her millionth escape, Leslie is back at home just waiting for Rue to return.