‘And Just Like That’ Recap: Carrie Picks Big’s Final Resting Place & Miranda Leaves NYC For Che

Carrie kisses a new love interest after taking Big's ashes to Paris, while Miranda chooses to follow Che to LA on the 'And Just Like That' finale.

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Sarah Jessica Parker
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Carrie goes on another date with Peter, the teacher, and this time there’s no vomiting. He admits that he Googled her before their date and knows that she’s the Carrie Bradshaw. At the end of their date, Peter asks to kiss Carrie. It’s a sweet kiss, but there are no sparks flying.

Carrie calls Seema after the date to talk about the kiss. While Peter is perfectly nice, there’s nothing special between them. She thinks Big is mad at her because her lamp keeps flickering.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie. (HBO Max)

Carrie Reaches Out To Samantha

Charlotte reveals that Rock is having a they mitzvah with a trans rabbi. Miranda admits she’s getting ready to meet Che’s family. All three ladies are experiencing a lot of change in their lives, that’s for sure. Carrie texts Samantha to tell her that she kissed someone. “The first of many. How was it?” Samantha texts back immediately. Carrie replies, “It wasn’t Big.” Carrie eventually asks Samantha if she wants to talk. “Soon,” Samantha texts.

The rabbi meets with Rock and tells Charlotte and Harry that Rock is woefully unprepared for the they mitzvah. The rabbi suggests Rock doing the entire service in English, but Charlotte will have none of that. Anthony goes to talk to Rock and kicks them into high gear.

Miranda meets Che’s family at an event. Che even sings for Miranda and their family. They reveal they’re going to Hollywood to make a pilot. Miranda is blindsided. Che flies out Saturday and asks Miranda to come with them. Miranda is stunned but doesn’t say no.

Sara Ramirez
Sara Ramirez and Cynthia Nixon as Che and Miranda. (HBO Max)

Miranda goes to Nya to tell her she’s finishing the course remotely, and she’s pulling out of an internship so she can go to LA with Che. Nya asks Miranda if she’s sure about this. “I’m following my heart here and trying not to second guess myself like I usually would,” Miranda says. Nya reveals Rashad took the tour. Their future is uncertain at this point because they’re “not in the same place emotionally right now.”

Miranda Chooses To Go To LA With Che

Big’s brother asks to meet with Carrie. He brings up Big’s ashes and his brother’s final resting place. He mentions the family crypt in Connecticut and says there’s room for Big and Carrie. Carrie doesn’t accept and is still contemplating where she wants Big to be.

At Jackie’s wedding, Franklin reveals to Carrie that he wants her to do her own podcast. He’d like to produce her solo. Later that night, Carrie realizes Big’s final resting place in a dream: Paris.

At Rock’s they mitzvah, Carrie tells Charlotte and Miranda that she’s going to take Big’s ashes to their bridge in Paris. She asks the girls to go with her. Initially, Miranda accepts and then tells Carrie about leaving New York to go to LA with Che. Miranda wants to be there for Carrie but also for Che. Carrie’s a little big hesitant about this move for Miranda because that means giving up the coveted internship. Miranda is following her heart right now, and she wants Carrie’s support.

Evan Handler
Evan Handler and Kristin Davis as Harry and Charlotte. (HBO Max)

Rock refuses to do the they mitzvah. “I don’t believe in it,” Rock says. They don’t want to be labeled as anything. Charlotte walks away in tears basically. “I failed as a mom, and I failed as a Jew,” she cries to LTW, who gives her a pep talk. Since Rock won’t do it, Charlotte decides to get bat mitzvahed!

Carrie Chooses Big’s Final Resting Place

Before her trip to LA, Miranda dyes her hair back red! Carrie goes to Paris alone. In a dazzling orange gown and pink gloves, Carrie walks along the bridge and tosses Big’s ashes into the water below. Carrie breaks down in tears.

Carrie pulls out her phone and texts Samantha that she’s in Paris. She asks to meet Samantha for a cocktail. “How’s tomorrow night?” Samantha replies. Carrie says, “FABULOUS.” The reconciliation begins!

When she returns to New York, Carrie starts her new podcast, Sex and the City. After her first show, Franklin raves over how great she was on her own. The chemistry is sizzling between them. When they get on the elevator, Franklin and Carrie share a steamy kiss!