Cardi B & Offset’s Daughter Kulture, 3, Creates a ‘Snow Angel’ After Huge Storm – Photo

Snow Day! While the rest of the East Coast was digging itself out of a mid-winter blizzard, Kulture Kiari had the best day possible playing in the snow.

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Snowstorms are much more fun when you don’t have a car to clean off – just as Kulture Kiari Cephus. The three-year-old daughter of Cardi B and Offset couldn’t contain her smile after the Nor’easter hit the United States’ East Coast over the past weekend. Once all the snow had fallen, and it was okay for her to go outside, Kulture threw on her pink fleece pants, pink snow boots, silvery puffer jacket, knit cap and scarf, and oversized white earmuffs. Then, she went wild, making snow angels. Her dad had to capture the moment for all to see. “Kulture snow angel,” Offset, 30, proudly captioned the Jan. 30 IG post.

“She’s so adorable,” commented one fan. “Kulture done grew up,” remarked another. Most of the comments were in that vein – “So cute,” “What awesome memory created,” and more heart, fire, and hearts-for-eyes emojis than you can count. “She is so cute!!!!”

Offset is a confirmed “Girl Dad.” When Cardi B, 29, celebrated Offset’s recent birthday, she shared videos of him goofing around with Kulture. The two each took turns making goofy faces in her Frozen-themed handheld mirror. Offset playfully threw Kulture in his arms in another clip before his baby girl gave him a big smooch. “I love you so much, and I’m so proud of you,” commented Cardi. “We have overcome so much together. I love the man that you’re becoming, and I love the father that you are … I’m so lucky to have you as a partner raising our beautiful kids.”


Cardi might not be so lovey-dovey anymore, though. Two weeks after she posted that sweet message about Offset, he criticized her fashion sense when it came to their kids. In late December, Cardi shared an Instagram story of her holding their unnamed three-year-old son. The two of them were shopping in what looked like a Target. Cardi held up a small gray fedora and suggested it for their baby. “Oh, hell, Nah,” said Offset. “I’m not putting that sh-t on my son, man. Got my boy looking like Ne-Yo.” When Cardi held up another outfit consisting of red pants, vivid suspenders, and a blue button-down shirt, Offset vetoed that decision. “Hell the f-ck no,” he said. “Hell naw. He’s not gonna be dressing like no Carlton [from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air], man.”

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