‘And Just Like That’ Recap: Charlotte Learns About Miranda & Che’s Steamy Hookup

Miranda opens up about her *moment* with Che in the kitchen, and Charlotte reacts in the most Charlotte way on 'And Just Like That.' Plus, Carrie moves again -- but is it for good?

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Carrie is looking to move from the Upper East Side to downtown. Seema has found a luxurious downtown apartment for Carrie. Carrie admits to Miranda and Charlotte that she doesn’t love the apartment. Charlotte thinks it’s too “cool and modern” for Carrie. Turns out, Carrie already bought it. She’s tired of dragging Seema around to different apartments.

Carrie worries that she’s retreating if she stays at her old apartment. She moved into her place when she was 29. “Big’s gone. I have to move on,” Carrie says. She thinks this could be the start of a new chapter.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw. (HBO Max)

Rock Wants To Make Changes

Speaking of changes, Rock wants to redecorate their side of the room. Both Rock and Lily want to get rid of Charlotte’s Madame Alexander dolls, much to Charlotte’s dismay. This sparks a big conversation about changing up their shared room to suit their personalities. Rock also adds that they want to cut their hair short.

Seema brings Carrie to a sari shop as she tries to find something to wear to her family’s Diwali celebration. Carrie ends up inviting herself and picks up a gorgeous sari. Carrie heads to her massive storage unit with Charlotte to find a few things to take to her new place. She’s opening up boxes when she comes across Big’s records. She starts to cry when she sees the records.

Alexa Swinton
Alexa Swinton as Rock. (HBO Max)

At her new apartment, Carrie begins hearing a beeping noise. She can’t figure out where it’s coming from. Anthony calls about her joining an appointment Stanford made for “his and his facelifts.” He wants her to convince him not to do something stupid.

Jonathan Groff guest stars as Dr. Paul David, the plastic surgeon. He tells Anthony that he doesn’t need a facelift, just botox. “You’re hot,” Dr. David says. Carrie asks for a consultation, too. Dr. David ends up showing Carrie a before and after simulation. He says that with “the right work and the right touch,” the last 15 years can be erased. Carrie is seriously considering it.

Charlotte & Miranda Fight

Miranda can’t get Che out of her head. She fantasizes about Che as she masturbates. Brady knocks on Miranda’s door and wonders if she’s ok. He seems to catch Miranda’s drift that she wants to be left alone.

While Miranda is furious with the plastic surgeon, Charlotte tells Carrie that a little “botox and a little filler are not the end of the world.” Miranda admits that she’s replaced drinking with “obsessive masturbation.” This sparks Charlotte’s interest, and Miranda ends up telling her about what happened with Che. Miranda doesn’t want Charlotte to overreact, but this is Charlotte we’re talking about.

Kristin Davis
Kristin Davis as Charlotte Goldenblatt. (HBO Max)

“It is an affair. That’s what it is,” Charlotte says, sparking a fight. Charlotte asks Miranda if she’s gay. “No. I don’t know,” Miranda says. Charlotte brings up Miranda’s past with men. Miranda confesses that her tryst with Che is the “most alive” she’s felt in years. Charlotte snaps, “You are not progressive enough for this.”

Miranda gets up to leave Charlotte and Carrie. Carrie refuses to let Miranda walk away on bad terms. “We already lost Samantha. I’m not losing anyone else,” Carrie says. “You can disagree but you can’t leave.” Miranda comes back to the table, and Charlotte apologizes. “I want to understand…” Charlotte adds. “It’s not only you. What is wrong with people just staying who they were?”

Carrie Embraces The Past

Carrie joins Seema for the Diwali celebration. Carrie looks glamorous in her sari. Seema’s parents come up to Carrie and quiz her about Seema’s boyfriend. Seema’s been lying to her parents. She says it’s easier to tell them I have someone.

Carrie refuses to be afraid of the past. She pulls out Big’s records and begins to play them. She grabs Big’s suits as well, so they can be close to her. Carrie’s staying uptown in her old apartment. This is her home. Rock cuts their hair, and Miranda DMs Che. She wants to hang out with Che again sometime.

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