Chad Michael Murray Makes A Confession In This ‘Toying With The Holidays’ Sneak Peek

Chad Michael Murray hopes to 'right a wrong from the past' with a former classmate when they cross paths again in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Lifetime movie 'Toying With the Holidays.'

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Chad Michael Murray and Cindy Busby star in the all-new Lifetime Christmas movie Toying With the Holidays. In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek, their characters have an honest conversation after years apart. Chad plays Kevin, a hobby shop owner, who helps out Danielle when she’s in a bind.

Chad Michael Murray
Chad Michael Murray and Cindy Busby in ‘Toying With the Holidays.’ (Lifetime)

Danielle goes to pay Kevin for his help, but he thinks they should just call it even. “I know it was a long time ago, but I have a confession to make,” Kevin begins. “I am fully aware I am responsible for your chemistry grade. I used you as my partner because I knew I needed the class brainiac in order to pass. Should’ve spent more time on my studies. I didn’t and I’m sorry.”

Danielle tells him that he doesn’t have to apologize. They were just kids. “I’d just like to help you like you helped me back then,” Kevin says. Fixing Danielle’s train is a nice “do-over” and “a way to right a wrong from the past.”

Danielle notes, “I wish I had a do-over.” When Kevin asks Danielle why, she explains that she feels guilty for all the years she’s been away. “You know my dad he always used to say, ‘Nothing you can do to change the past, but you can right the present,'” Kevin tells Danielle.

Chad Michael Murray
Chad Michael Murray stars as Kevin. (Lifetime)

The synopsis for Toying With the Holidays reads: “Workaholic designer Danielle returns to her hometown of Holly Pines for the holidays with her young son Paul with hopes to introduce him to some beloved holiday traditions, in particular the town’s North Pole Express train.  Once home, she discovers that the North Pole Express has been sidelined. Determined to help, Danielle reconnects with her former high school classmate Kevin (Chad Michael Murray), now a hobbyist and model train enthusiast himself. Together, Danielle and Kevin attempt to pull off a Christmas miracle that would get the old North Pole Express running–and quite possibly give Danielle many reasons, one of them romantic, to consider staying in Holly Pines for good…” Toying With the Holidays will air December 18 at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.

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