‘And Just Like That’ Recap: Carrie Comes Face-To-Face With Natasha After Big’s Death

In the wake of Big's death, Carrie is forced to confront Natasha after a shocking reveal at the reading of Big's will. Here's what went down on the all-new 'And Just Like That.'

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Sarah Jessica Parker
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Carrie is back at work soon after Big’s death. When Che asks how Carrie is holding up, Carrie admits that she keeps reminding herself that “at least we were happy at the end. We’d never been happier.”

Miranda accompanies Carrie to the reading of Big’s will. Gloria is there as well. Carrie is stunned when she finds out that Big has left $1 million to his ex-wife Natasha. Carrie feels blindsided by Big’s decision. “Well, he did destroy her life,” Miranda admits. Carrie wonders why Big was still thinking about Natasha after all this time. The lawyer says this usually happens when people think they have “unfinished business.”

Sarah Jessica Parker
Miranda, Carrie, and Charlotte in ‘And Just Like That.’ (HBO Max)

While Charlotte is reading a bedtime story, she calls Rose her “baby girl.” Rose tells Charlotte that she hates when she’s called “baby girl.” Rose admits, “I don’t feel like a girl… I never feel like a girl.” Charlotte doesn’t know what to say.

Later, Charlotte reveals to Anthony what Rose said about not feeling like a girl. Anthony tells Charlotte to ignore it, but Charlotte can’t because she’s Charlotte. She’s confused about how to handle the situation. Anthony promises he’ll be there every step of the way if Rose does make any type of decision.

Carrie & Natasha Come Face-To-Face

Carrie decides to email Natasha, but she doesn’t hear back. She DMs her on Instagram, but Natasha ends up blocking Carrie. Carrie doesn’t stop there. She brings Charlotte and Miranda along to track down Natasha. They see her walk into her office, but when Carrie asks to see Natasha, she’s told that Natasha is in Rome.

While Charlotte is waiting for Carrie, she goes through Miranda’s bag. She finds empty mini bottles of Tito’s in the front pocket. Later, Miranda opens up to Charlotte about what’s going on with Steve. Apparently, they haven’t had sex in years. “Are we a couple or roommates with ice cream and a kid?” Miranda asks.

Carrie takes a walk on the Upper West Side and goes into a shop to use the restroom. When she opens the door to the bathroom, she finds Natasha in there and spills coffee on herself. Carrie asks to talk with Natasha. “I cannot think about you anymore. I’m done thinking about you,” Natasha tells Carrie. Let’s not forget how Natasha broke her tooth while running after Carrie back in the day.

But Natasha doesn’t storm out. She sits down with Carrie. Natasha says she won’t accept the money. She hadn’t spoken to Big since the divorce. They both have no idea why Big left Natasha all that money. “Classic John, always a puzzle,” Natasha says. “I’ll never understand why he ever married me when he was always in love with you.”

Natasha tells Carrie that she’s sorry for her loss. Carrie believes that this money was Big’s way of saying sorry for what happened. Carrie also takes an opportunity to apologize to Natasha. They both agree that it’s all in the past.

Charlotte Worries About Miranda’s Drinking

Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda go to the taping of Che’s Netflix special. Miranda decides to stay behind for the VIP party. Miranda tells Che how “amazing” they were. Che thinks Miranda needs to cool down with some pot. Miranda refuses but Che convinces her to do a shotgun. Something definitely happens between Che and Miranda in that moment.

On their way home, Charlotte tries to talk to Carrie about Miranda’s drinking. She reveals to Carrie that she found those three empty mini bottles and Miranda had two glasses of wine before the show. Carrie doesn’t make much of Charlotte’s worry. Carrie is dropped off first, but she doesn’t go back to her place with Big. She decides to go back to her old apartment. “And just like that, I walked myself home,” Carrie’s voiceover says.