​Tiger Woods, 45, Reveals How His GF Helped His Recovery After Car Accident

In his first in-depth interview since his Feb. 2021 car crash, Tiger Woods opened up about one of the small ways his girlfriend, Erica Herman, aided in his painful recovery. Plus, he revealed his plans for the future and more.

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Erica Herman was by Tiger Woods side in the months that it took him to recover from a brutal car accident in February 2021. The accident left Tiger with multiple fractures in his right leg, and Erica played a part in his rehabilitation. “There was a point in time when, I wouldn’t say it was 50/50, but it was damn near there, if I was going to walk out of that hospital with one leg,” Tiger admitted in a new interview with Golf Digest. “Once [I knew I was keeping it], I wanted to test and see if I still had my hands. So even in the hospital, I would have Erica and [my friend] Rob [McNamara] throw me something. Throw me anything.”

For the most part, Tiger is very private about his relationship with Erica, who he’s been dating since late 2017, but she has clearly stood by him as he’s, quite literally, gotten back on his feet. Earlier this month, Tiger posted the first video of himself playing golf post-crash, and it does not appear that he’s willing to give up the game just yet. However, when he does return to the course professionally, his career will be very different from the past.

tiger woods erica herman
Tiger Woods with girlfriend Erica Herman. (DAVID CROSLING/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

“I think something that is realistic is playing the tour one day,” Tiger confirmed. “Never full time, ever again. But pick and choose, just like [Ben] Hogan did. Pick and choose a few events a year and you play around that. You practice around that, and you gear yourself up for that. I think that’s how I’m going to have to play it from now on. It’s an unfortunate reality, but it’s my reality, and I accept it.”

Of course, fans were excited to see the pro athlete back on the course in his Nov. 21 video, but a major return is still a long ways away. “I’m not even at the halfway point,” Tiger pointed out. “I have so much more muscle development and nerve development that I have to do in my leg.” And while he’s dealing with his leg injury, he still has his longtime back problems acting up. “It’s a tough road,” Tiger admitted. “But I’m just happy to be able to go out there and watch [my son] Charlie play, or just go in the backyard and have an hour or two by myself with no one talking, no music, no nothing.”

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