Former Cowboys QB Tony Romo Believes Tom Brady Will ‘Never’ Retire: ‘It’s Never Gonna End’

Could Tom Brady really have a never-ending football career? Former Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo seems to think so! He dished to HL his thoughts on the GOAT!

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Tony Romo knows good football, and the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current CBS Sports lead color analyst told in an EXCLUSIVE interview that he believes Tom Brady‘s career is “never going to end.” “I think it’s going to go on forever!” he said, while promoting his current (and hilarious) ad-spot with Tostitos. “I think he actually out a while ago, how to almost make his body come back every day, as if he’s young. In other words, he found a formula that I truly believe, is the formula to have longevity.”

The 14-year NFL vet explained further, “If you did something over and over again, like ran every day, your legs would eventually be filled with lactic acid everyday, so you’ve got to flush them out to get them back to normal. Otherwise, they get tired fatigue, right? Brady basically gets back to zero, every day, by the time he goes to do anything.”

Tony Romo (left) and Tom Brady (right). (Shutterstock)

How exactly does the 44-year-old, 7-time Super Bowl winner “get back to zero?” “He gets worked on, he activates, elongates, he stretches, makes his body pliable, he eats correctly, he drinks a lot of water while he does everything for inflammation. And then by the end of it, he’s like a sponge,” Romo said. “His body is just never getting balled up tight to where it’s going to break. I think he’s on something that I think the future athletes will be doing.”

Romo, on the other hand, is onto something that the general public (or every girlfriend, everywhere) will be doing! The commentator partnered with Tostitos to help bring the game of football to everyone with the new ‘Romo earpiece.‘ In the ad-spot, Romo helps out an amateur football fan who is watching the game with his friends, and provides cues on what to say through an earpiece. “The concept itself is so funny,” he said of the partnership. Starting November 4th, football fans and novices will be able to nominate themselves or their clueless friends and family for a chance to win a one-of-a-kind experience with Tony Romo by heading to, filling out the necessary information and submitting a quick video submission. The winner will be announced in December and have the opportunity to wow their friends and family members with their overnight football expertise, courtesy of the football legend.

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