‘MDLNY’s Tyler Whitman Tours $35M NYC Apartment With 3 Floors & ‘360 Degree Views’

'MDLNY's Tyler Whitman gives HollywoodLife readers an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek inside a $35M NYC apartment built for royalty.

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Real estate mogul and Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York star Tyler Whitman, 35, has gotten his hands on a pricey listing that he’s proud of and it’s one of his most special projects to date. “It’s off market right now and we’re marketing it to select brokers and buyers,” Tyler told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during the private at home tour he gave to our readers on Nov. 8. “It’s right in the center of what is quickly becoming the hottest location in the city, NoMad, and it’s the top 3 floors of the building, so we’re calling it the sky house, not the penthouse. It gets the entire roof of the building and so you have 360 degree views. It’s literally next door to the Empire State Building. It’s the most close-up Empire State Building I’ve ever seen in my career and I’ve seen a lot of vantage points from properties that look at the Empire State Building. None quite look at it like this one does.”

There are lots of things that makes this home unique, but having your own private roof and its amenities that sets it apart from anything Tyler has sold in his quite successful career. “You get the entire roof,” Tyler shared. “There’s a swimming pool built into the roof. There’s an infinity hot tub. There’s a glass ledge to it so it kind of looks like the hot tub is just floating off the edge of this New York City high rise and you can see everything. It’s just spectacular. It’s views, it’s space. It’s got 30 foot ceilings in the living room, all glass. It’s everything people want when they’re looking to spend top dollar for a New York City penthouse and I think this is what they’re dreaming about.”

Looking for the right buyer when you have a price tag this hefty isn’t easy, and Tyler is vetting everyone that comes his way! “I’ve done showings several times and it’s been quite a variety,” Tyler said. “It’s been a few almost nobody, just an inside look, to extreme wealth. Almost nobody who has come to look at it so far has wanted it as their main residence. Most people are looking at this as their trophy property in New York City. A lot of them have been from Europe. A few of them have been from California. A few people have been from Florida. A lot of them have been from the tech industry. The one thing they’ve had in common is wealth. They are rich!”

And with so many extra wow factors, Tyler even questions if he priced it too low! “I think a few of the extra wow factors are it’s the top 3 floors so you’re not sharing any walls with anyone else in the city,” Tyler said. “The only walls you share with are the New York City skyline. There will be a private elevator in the residence and then obviously the tower elevator will open up into your home and then within your home there will be an elevator to take you across the 3 floors. We’re leaving it right now as a raw space so whoever buys it will get to put a lot of their own touches on the interior design build out. It’s very unique. It’s a very unique experience.”

Seeing this kind of cash flow come through his doors has inspired Tyler to keep pushing in his own career. “It’s also inspiring to show these kinds of properties because you meet the people that do have these kinds of wealth,” Tyler added. “And it’s one of my favorite parts of my job is meeting people who have gotten themselves to a position and a lot of them have been my age or younger so it inspires me to be like, “Oh, I could do something spectacular with my life,” and “I can live in a place like this,” and I think that’s really cool.”

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