Ellen DeGeneres Dresses As Her Future Self For Final Halloween Show

Oct. 29 was Ellen DeGeneres' Halloween episode of her talk show, and she celebrated by dressing as an old woman to channel the future version of herself.

It’s the last season of Ellen DeGeneres talk show, so of course, she rolled out (literally) with an epic Halloween costume on the Oct. 29 episode. This year, Ellen dressed up as the future version of herself, complete with a Jazzy electric wheelchair (which was “tricked out”) and grey wig. She wore a pink windbreaker tracksuit and matching visor, and also had glasses, which were held up by a string around her neck. Oh, and of course, there were clunky white sneakers and puffy white socks, too!

ellen degeneres
Ellen DeGeneres on Halloween 2021. (Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.)

“I decided to go as Future Ellen,” she told her audience. “This is my future. Apparently this is what my writers and costume people think I will look like in the future.” When she made her way over to the talk show desk, Ellen revealed that her future seat was actually a giant recliner chair. Her sidekick, tWitch, was also dressed as his future self, complete with a cane, tracksuit, white beard, glasses, and a hat. TWitch even took things a step further by walking super slowly with a limp, and really did look like he could’ve been in his late 70s!

Ellen always knows how to bring it on her Halloween shows. In 2020, amidst the coronavirus, she dressed as her “favorite superhero” — a nurse! The costume paid tribute to those working on the frontlines amidst the pandemic. For the most part, though, Ellen loves bringing the laughs with her Halloween looks. In 2019, she dressed as “Cardi E,” which, of course, was her version of Cardi B. She channeled the rapper with her outfit and her attitude, and it was incredible.

ellen degeneres twitch
Ellen DeGeneres with tWitch on their Halloween episode. (Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.)

This year, Kris Jenner was the celebrity guest on Ellen’s Halloween show, and she dressed up for the occasion, too. Kris went as Cruella de Vil for her appearance, and she absolutely nailed it! The KarJenner family loves Halloween, and this will likely be just one of many costumes that we see Kris wear this weekend. From parties to trick or treating with all the grandkids, there’s plenty of different events to dress up for!

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