‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’: Kayla Sessler & Luke Davis’ Romance Hits A Rough Patch

On the Oct. 26 episode of 'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant', Kayla Sessler and Luke Davis discuss going to couples counseling after tensions rise over mistrust.

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Kayla Sessler and Luke Davis‘ romance hit a rough patch during the Oct. 26 episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant. Ever since she met up with her ex to discuss getting a DNA test for her son, Izaiah, Luke hasn’t been the same, according to Kayla. And when she went out with her girlfriends to celebrate her birthday — without Luke — Luke accused her of blocking him on Snapchat.

Kayla denied doing so, and later admitted that she and Luke keep tabs on each other on social media because they don’t trust each other. Then, upon her return home from Chicago, she and Luke got into an argument over the fact that he asked her to get him a Coca-Cola from the grocery store and she forgot. Things only escalated from there, and when she suggested that his anger towards her might be stemming from her meeting up with her ex, he tried ending the conversation. He refused to talk about the situation, but he did agree to go to couples counseling with her to see how they could get through some of their issues.

Meanwhile, things also went left for Kiaya during her own getaway weekend with some friends and Teazah. They were having a blast until one of Kiaya’s friends asked her if she and Teazah were back together. Kiaya said no, but afterwards, she started thinking about a lot of things and wanted some answers for herself. So she took Teazah aside and once they started rehashing their past and where they stand now, they just started arguing. Things — unsurprisingly — got so heated that Teazah stormed off and Kiaya was basically left in tears.

Later, Rachel Beavers moved in with her friend, but still found herself relying on her mom. She and her friend wanted to paint a room, and since she couldn’t afford a $0.98 paintbrush, she asked her mom to help out. But once Rachel’s mom found out that Rachel spent the only $10 she had on McDonald’s, she refused to help her buy a paintbrush. Rachel became so mad that she threw some F-bombs and stormed off, saying that her mom can’t deal with the fact that she’s so successful (LOL). Rachel’s friend couldn’t believe what she was witnessing and she begged Rachel to chill out, but Rachel kept yelling to “pull out” and stop preaching. They even argued back at the friend’s house because Rachel’s friend told her she was acting a bit irrational.

And when Kayla J gave Makel a chance to step up after she decided to head out of town, Makel couldn’t seem to do things Kayla’s way. He wanted to take their daughter to his house, but she didn’t allow him to do so since she knew that his new girlfriend would be around.

Finally, Brianna Jaramillo revealed she’s dating a new guy, and he’s pretty hot. However, she doesn’t want to let him film the show with her until they become more serious.

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