Lizzo Claps Back At Critics Of Sheer Dress She Wore To Cardi B’s Birthday: ‘Kiss My A**’

Lizzo hopped on Instagram Live and slapped her bare butt as a message to those that criticized the superstar for a recent outfit choice.

Only Lizzo would clap back at her haters in the way she just did! The 33-year-old Grammy-winner was criticized (unfairly, we may add) for the sheer, sparkly purple dress that she wore to fellow rapper Cardi B‘s 29th birthday on Oct. 11. So in true Lizzo fashion, she clapped back at her critics by jumping on Instagram Live on Thursday (Oct. 14) and flaunted her bare butt and uttered some slight profanity to her 11 million followers. If you don’t believe us, check out the emoji-covered video below!

In the footage, Lizzo dropped her pants and turned her behind right towards the camera. “Shake that sh*t, yeah,” the superstar proudly said as she wiggled her butt around for a few seconds, before slapping it three times. After she pulled her pants up, the “Juice” singer turned toward the camera and passionately said, “Kiss my fat black a**, b*tch.” And that message was clearly directed to her haters!

Lizzo’s look for Cardi’s dancehall-themed birthday party in L.A. got everybody talking. The totally see-through, purple dress, sparkled in the bright lights outside, and underneath the singer wore nothing but dark nipple pasties to cover up a bit. Lizzo added to her remarkable appearance by pulling her hair back into a tight, half ponytail, which was accessorized with butterfly clips.

Lizzo heads to Cardi B’s birthday party in Los Angeles on October 11, 2021 (Photo: MEGA)

Even after the party ended, Lizzo continued rocking her headline-making outfit for a few Instagram videos, which featured the musician happily twerking for her fans to Lil John & The East Side Boyz smash 2002 hit “Get Low.” As Lizzo showed off her moves, some friends laughed and cheered her on in the background. “A soft twerk to bless ya timeline🍑✨” she quipped in her caption.

Lizzo’s pulled off some fabulous outfits while looking incredible numerous times. But recently, the “Good As Hell” songstress revealed in a tearful Instagram Live her struggles with “fatphobic” comments after the “Rumors” video was released. “On the days I feel I should be the happiest … I feel so down,” she said while sitting in her bathroom, dabbing the tears in her eyes. “Like, I hurt so hard.” Luckily, her pal Cardi stepped in and defended the fellow star on social media.

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