‘Big Sky’ Preview: Cassie Thanks Jenny For Taking A Bullet For Her & Saving Her Life — Watch

Cassie and Jenny share a sweet moment in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new 'Big Sky.' Cassie tells Jenny that she'll 'never forget' that Jenny saved her life.

Cassie and Jenny are working together again, and all feels right in the world. Cassie knows Ronald’s still out there, but she’s not ready to risk it all to find him. “I still think Ronald’s alive and the people who helped him, but I just can’t, I can’t risk anything happening to Kai. I won’t,” Cassie tells Jenny in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the October 14 episode of Big Sky.

Jenny reminds Cassie that she’s got a missing woman to find. “You need to stay focused on that,” Jenny says.

Katheryn Winnick
Katheryn Winnick as Jenny. (ABC)

Cassie takes a moment to thank Jenny for her sacrifice. If Jenny didn’t take that bullet, Cassie would likely be dead. “You took a bullet for me, Jenny,” Cassie says. “Saved my life. I don’t even know… I’m not sure how to thank you. I’ll never forget it.”

Jenny was shot in the chest in the season 1 finale as Ronald made his escape. Cassie rushed to her side as she started bleeding out. Jenny survived and has been trying to deal with the fallout of this near-death experience.

Jenny has tears in her eyes. To break the silence, Jenny jokes, “To be fair, I also punched you in the face once.” Cassie quips, “I punched you back.” Jenny adds, “How far we’ve come.” You got that right.

Katheryn Winnick
Kylie Bunbury and Katheryn Winnick on ‘Big Sky.’ (ABC)

The synopsis for the October 14 episode reads, “After officially teaming up, Jenny and Cassie sit down with Tubb who reveals that this one goes far beyond their jurisdiction. Realizing Travis may be a man on the inside, Jenny reaches out for intel and learns the cartel is involved. With Tonya still missing, Cassie and Jenny fear the worst and kick their search into high gear. Meanwhile, the kids’ plan continues to fall apart, with secrets and scheming threatening to land them in hot water.” Big Sky season 2 airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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