‘7 Little Johnstons’ Exclusive Trailer: Trent & Amber May Adopt A 6th Child — Watch

The TLC series '7 Little Johnstons' returns on November 16, and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE trailer of the new episodes. Trent and Amber may be expanding the family!

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7 Little Johnstons
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The Johnston family may be getting bigger! In this EXCLUSIVE trailer for the all-new season of 7 Little Johnstons, Trent asks Alex and Emma about adding another kid to the mix. “What would you say if we were going to expand our family?” Trent asks.

The question takes Alex and Emma by surprise. “Oh my gosh, mom and dad are considering adopting another kid,” Alex says. Trent and Amber, along with Alex and Emma, do end up FaceTiming a young man in the final moments of the trailer.

7 Little Johnstons
Trent and Amber are considering adoption again. (TLC)

This season will feature major changes for the Johnston family. Jonah bought a house, so he’s starting the moving process. However, he hasn’t told Ashley just yet.

Anna is also moving into her own place, while Liz is celebrating her 2-year anniversary with her boyfriend Brice as well. When she asks Brice about getting his own place, he admits that he hopes to come live with her.

“What I see in the future for me and Liz is us just living the rest of our lives together,” he tells Liz. “These two years with her have been nothing but amazing.”

After 26 years, Trent resigns from his job. He hasn’t been “happy” with his job for a while now. However, Amber begins to wonder when Trent will get another job.

7 Little Johnstons
Liz and Brice in the new season. (TLC)

In the new season, Trent and Amber continue to work on pushing their older children out of the nest. With Liz successfully moved out, Anna is eager to follow suit, but everyone wonders when Jonah will finally fly the coop. Even with some of the kids out of the house, the family still finds ways to spend time together. Since COVID led to the cancellation of the annual Little People conference, the Johnstons gather a group of little people for a vacation in Florida. The whole family attends, including Liz’s boyfriend, Brice, who fits right in, even though he is average size. Having recently celebrated their two-year anniversary, the family is curious if Brice will soon become an official member of the Johnston family. Back home, the family celebrates Alex and Emma’s 16th birthday with a backyard luau. 7 Little Johnstons will air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.