’90 Day Fiance’s Fernanda Flores: Why She Won’t Rush Into Marriage After Divorce

'90 Day Fiance's Fernanda Flores tells HL the biggest lesson she learned from her past relationship with ex-husband, Jonathan Rivera.

Fernanda Flores
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90 Day Fiancé alum Fernanda Flores revealed “the biggest lesson” she took after her divorce from ex-husband, Jonathan Rivera. The swimsuit model told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY what she learned from her past relationship as she moves forward with her new boyfriend, Noel Mikaelian.

“Definitely to be patient, very strong-minded, and get to know the person well before you make a decision such as a marriage because that was the biggest thing for me,” the TLC star said. “I rushed my relationship to the next step without me actually knowing, 100 percent, the person that I was getting married to so I think that’s my biggest lesson.”

Fernanda Flores
Fernanda Flores revealed ‘the biggest lesson’ she learned after her divorce. (Hannah Joo)

“I do still believe in marriage and I want to be married and I want to have a family, that’s on my plans, as well,” said Fernanda. “But I don’t want to get divorced again so that’s another reason why I really want to make sure that my relationship is strong enough to make it through anything. I don’t know if I’ll have kids in the future but I don’t want to make my kids to go through what I went through with my parents. I’m happy at the end of the day, I don’t regret anything and I’m really happy that I went through that so then now I’m a little bit more prepared for whatever comes in my future.”

The brunette beauty celebrated her boyfriend’s birthday just a few weeks ago in September as they soaked up the sun on a yacht in Miami — the Florida hotspot Fernanda relocated to earlier this year in January. Her budding relationship comes after the reality star separated from her ex-husband, Jonathan. The couple got engaged after only dating for a few months and tied the knot in May 2018, however, their divorce was finalized in March 2020.

Fernanda Flores
The ’90 Day Fiance’ alum promoted her partnership with Korbel in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. (Hannah Joo)

“After going through a divorce at such a young age, it was really hard for me to get myself back in dating and open my heart to someone,” Fernanda admitted. “Noel is my first boyfriend after my separation and divorce. And it’s interesting because it hasn’t been easy for neither of us. We’re such different people but we just grew together in love so it seems to be very strong. I’m really happy and comfortable, I’ve never felt this happy and peaceful in a relationship before. So it’s really good. It’s going good. I met him here in Miami and we actually live together.”

Despite her past, Fernanda is hopeful and revealed that she and Noel have discussed plans for marriage and kids. “I definitely believe that when you’re in a serious relationship those are things that you have to be discussed because nobody wants to waste their time, right? I believe that in any relationship that’s supposed to be the goal; to build a future together because time is the most important thing we have in life.”

Meanwhile, the aspiring fashion designer has been busy promoting her latest project in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. For Hispanic Heritage Month, Korbel Sweet Rosé partnered with Flores to create a limited-edition capsule collection custom-designed for bottles of Sweet Rosé. Korbel partnered with Fernanda to amplify her Latinx success story and her ideas were the most unique for the collaboration. The four-piece capsule collection is inspired by Fernanda‘s cultural background and the flavors and colors of Korbel Sweet Rosé.

“I’ve been interested in fashion my entire life. However, in Mexico, I couldn’t really follow through with a career. But once that I made my way to the States, I started involving myself more in the industry. I started modeling with agencies and I collected a lot of information. And now I believe it’s time for me to start my own designs. So I started working on this idea which I presented to Korbel. I came up with the idea of making a mini version of my designs to dress up the Korbel bottle, and they loved it. We came up with four different mini outfits for the Korbel bottle consisting of a mini sombrero, two ponchos and a dress.”

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