‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’: Kayla Sessler Gets A Surprise Phone Call From Stephan’s Mom

Kayla Sessler was caught off guard during the Sept. 14 episode of 'Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant', when she received an unexpected phone call.

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Image Credit: MTV

Kayla Sessler dealt with more drama involving her ex, Stephan Alexander, during the Sept. 14 episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant. After Stephan unexpectedly sent their son, Izaiah a birthday gift last week, his mom decided to take things one step further by reaching out to Kayla in hopes of reuniting the father and son duo. But to be honest, Kayla said she’d rather leave Stephan in her past and wishes he’d stop contacting her. However, Kayla’s boyfriend Luke felt she owed it to Stephan’s mom to hear her out. So Kayla agreed to meet with Annette, but it was more for closure than anything else. And while we didn’t see their meetup happen yet, we did see Kayla arriving at the cafe, where she and Annette will get into the major brawl that was teased before the current season premiered.

Meanwhile, a call from Amour’s dad in prison triggered Kiaya Elliott to consider finally making amends with X’zayveon‘s mom, Carla. She was hesitant at first, but since it’ll be a while before Amour’s dad gets our of prison, Kiaya felt she had no other choice but to meet up with Carla and hash things out so Carla can have somewhat of a relationship with Amour for the time being.

Later, Madisen Beith proved to Christian once and for all that they’re through when she packed up all of his belongings in a garbage bag, filled the bag with glitter, and threw it into his driveway before driving off and daring his family to call the cops on her. So mature, right?

As for Rachel — well, she’s been so annoyed by her mom lately that she came up with the idea to move in with her sister Malorie. Her mom told her it was the “dumbest” thing she’s ever wanted to do, but Rachel disagreed. So she started apartment hunting and literally found a two-bedroom place for her and Malorie for $525 per month. But instead of taking the place, Rachel and Malorie thought it’d be too expensive for them (yes, really) so they talked about coloring their hair instead.

Finally, Brianna Jaramillo made sure that her mom knows she’s an adult even if she doesn’t act like one.

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