Noah Cyrus Rides Her Horse In A Bikini Top & Cowgirl Hat At Sunset — Photos

Noah Cyrus appears to be living her best life, and fans are enjoying the view -- take a look at these new photos of the singer rocking a bikini and riding a horse.

The Cyrus women know how to have a good time. Miley Cyrus‘ younger sister, Noah Cyrus, proved that on Aug. 31, when she shared new photos of herself rocking a bikini top and cowgirl hat while riding a horse at sunset.

“In dreams”, the 21-year-old singer captioned the series of images on Tuesday, and we couldn’t think of a better way to describe what you’re seeing. In three of the four photos, Noah is seen on top of the horse. Some show the sun setting behind her, and one shows the sun shining on her, and she looks gorgeous. The final shot shows Noah petting the horse while standing on the ground, and they truly seem to have a sweet connection.

Clearly, Noah is enjoying some downtime after starring in American Horror Stories. Noah actually appeared in the two-part finale of the spinoff for American Horror Story, and she said the entire experience was “surreal”.

“I can’t even believe I’m looking at my name in this font…I was on tour with my sister, and we’d lay in the back of the bus watching Asylum, and it pulled me in immediately,” Noah said on Instagram after it was announced that she landed a role in the spinoff series.

She added that she watched the full series “more than any show, any movie, and probably more than any song [she’s] ever listened to.” Noah continued, “There’s episodes I can recite and say the lines word-for-word with the characters.”

We’re certainly happy to see Noah enjoying some rest and relaxation after delivering such an epic performance in American Horror Stories. But we also can’t wait to see what she does next.

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