Heidi Montag Shades Former BFF Lauren Conrad & Declares Kristin Cavallari’s ‘More Successful’

Heidi Montag said Lauren Conrad 'didn't make it like she should have' after the success of 'The Hills' and beyond, in a teaser for an upcoming podcast interview.

Heidi Montag, Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari
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Heidi Montag, 34, is raising eyebrows with a teaser clip for her upcoming appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast, which will be released at midnight on Aug. 11. The Hills star revealed some opinions about the level of success her former co-stars, including ex-friend Lauren Conrad, 35, and Kristin Cavallari, 34, have achieved in the clip, and shockingly shaded the former by saying she’s not where she should be. “Kristin lets be honest, is the more successful,” she said after opening a bottle of champagne in the teaser, which was posted to Instagram on Aug. 10. “Lauren didn’t make it like she should have.”

The blonde beauty’s close friendship with Lauren, who now owns her own fashion line, dwindled during the filming of The Hills back in the late 2000s and part of it had to do with the fact that Lauren didn’t get along with her then boyfriend Spencer Pratt, 37, whom she eventually married in 2008. She went on to seemingly complain about how the fellow reality star treated her when things between them went south. “How dare you? I’m not your dog,” she continued in the teaser. “Like, yeah, I appreciate you getting me on the show but you don’t own me.”

In addition to Lauren and Kristin, Heidi opened up about her controversial multiple plastic surgeries and how it was “a form of body dysmorphia.” The show also showed a throwback clip of her and her mom, Darlene, judging her appearance on an episode of The Hills. “I wish I could just see my reality if I hadn’t done that,” Heidi then admitted during the podcast.

Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad was shaded by her former friend, Heidi Montag, in a new podcast interview. (SplashNews)

Some of the cosmetic procedures Heidi had reportedly done over the years include getting F-cup breasts, which she later reduced to C-cups, a mini brow lift, a nose job, fat injections in her cheeks, chin reduction, neck liposuction, waist liposuction, and a buttock augmentation. She’s expressed regret over getting some of the work done various times in the past, including in a TikTok video she shared on July 31.

The video focused on the questions she gets “asked the most” and the first one was if she regrets getting her plastic surgery. She wrote “Sometimes,” which was shown over a clip of her doing a dance in a comfortable-looking T-shirt and pants.

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