‘AGT’ Recap: Jimmie Herrod Is The ‘Singer To Beat’ After Quarterfinals Performance

'America's Got Talent' returned for the first round of the quarterfinals. Twelve acts performed on August 10, but only 7 will be able to move on to the semi-finals.

Jimmie Herrod
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The Canine Stars kick off the night on the America’s Got Talent quarterfinals with a fun and exciting dog act. The group also brings back the judges as dogs. “You guys were so amazing today,” Heidi Klum raves. Simon Cowell even says that this performance was better than their audition.

Peter Rosalita takes the stage and wows with his performance of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing.” He is only 10 years old! Heidi proclaims that Whitney would have been proud. While the performance was “fantastic,” Simon tells Peter to choose a song “next time that doesn’t feel like your mom’s chosen it.” He wants to see Peter sing something younger.

Peter Rosalita
Peter Rosalita sings a Whitney Houston classic. (NBC)

Beyond Belief Dance Company dance their way into our hearts with their latest performance. “You guys are getting better and better,” Sofia Vergara says. Simon believes this group has a shot at making it to the finals.

Madilyn Bailey Returns To The Stage

Madilyn Bailey’s first performance was a song she created out of hate comments. This time around, she sings her famous cover of “Titanium.” Simon calls the performance “absolutely brilliant.” However, Howie Mandel admits that he responded more to Madilyn’s quirky side. Heidi adds that she expected something more unique.

Comedian Kabir Singh brings the laughs in his next round of standup. “You are so authentic, real, relatable, lovable,” Howie tells Kabir. Sofia enjoys that Kabir is not afraid to make fun of himself.

Dustin Tavella dazzles the judges with his magic act. Simon loves that Dustin tells a story with his act and believes he has a “real shot” at ending up in the finals. Musical trio 1aChord wows with their performance of R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts.” It’s a truly perfect performance. “This has been the best performance of the night so far,” Simon declares.

1aChord stuns in their latest performance. (NBC)

Comedian Gina Brillon brings the sass with her newest standup routine. While she has the audience and judges laughing, Simon says he “sensed a lot of nerves.” Heidi and Sofia both disagree with Simon. Howie chimes in to say that this performance was “as good if not better than the last time.”

Gangstagrass takes the stage with another fun performance. Howie admits he found the performance “underwhelming.” Heidi and Sofia disagree with him on this one, too. Simon notes that this was not a “moment” like 1aChord’s performance earlier. He understands where Howie is coming from.

Sethward returns to the AGT stage dressed as a massive peacock. He falls down the stairs at one point, and it appears he may be on fire. He soon rises as a phoenix. The judges are stunned by the sheer insanity of this act. Simon calls the performance “absolutely bloody awful.”

Sofia’s Golden Buzzer Act Is Back

Escape artist Matt Johnson decides to knock on “death’s door again” after nearly losing his life last year. He is chained to a door and has to pick the locks before a chainsaw cuts right through his skull. Matt narrowly makes it out alive. While Simon says the act was “very scary,” he feels that Matt was “over the top” with the sounds that he made.

Jimmie Herrod
Jimmie Herrod returns to the ‘AGT’ stage. (NBC)

The last act of the night is Sofia’s Golden Buzzer act, Jimmie Herrod. For his latest performance, he sings a breathtaking rendition of “Pure Imagination.” He puts his own spin on the classic song and brings down the house. “That was spectacular!” Sofia raves.

Simon thinks that Jimmie is “headed straight for Broadway.” Heidi says that Jimmie is the million-dollar act. “You are the singer to beat,” Howie tells Jimmie. “That was perfect.”

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