‘Modern Family’ Star Julie Bowen Helps Fellow Hiker Who Fainted & Fractured Her Nose

Julie Bowen to the rescue! The 'Modern Family' actress and her sister helped save a New Jersey woman who fainted while hiking in Utah.

Julie Bowen
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Image Credit: Jessica Brooks/ABC/BSkyB/Kobal/Shutterstock

Julie Bowen, 51, was a good samaritan when helping a woman who fainted on a hike at Utah’s Arches National Park on Aug. 2. The Modern Family star was on a hike with her sister Annie Luetkemeyer, a doctor, when the pair stumbled upon Minnie John, a New Jersey woman who had fainted while at the national park with her family. Minnie detailed the entire incident in a post on her Facebook account, including the moment she woke up to see Julie was helping her.

Julie Bowen
Julie Bowen in ‘Modern Family’ (Photo: Jessica Brooks/ABC/BSkyB/Kobal/Shutterstock)

“All I remember is sitting there with my head in my hands secure on the rock,” Minnie wrote. “Next thing I hear someone with a familiar voice kept asking me questions. I wondered if i might be watching tv.” Minnie went on to say that Julie and Annie treated her with bandages and gave her electrolytes before they lifted her off the ground. “That face looked so familiar again and I asked her again if I knew her or was she famous and the doctor said yes,” Minnie added of Julie.

Once Minnie came to, she got a better glimpse of Julie and knew she looked familiar, but couldn’t figure out from where. Annie then asked Minnie to guess who her sister was, but when Minnie struggled to do so, Annie revealed Julie’s identity with two magic words: “Modern Family.” Minnie then quickly realized Julie was indeed the Emmy award-winning actress, and she “told her she was so beautiful.”

Julie Bowen
Julie Bowen at the Baby2Baby Gala in LA on Nov. 10, 2018 (Photo: BroadImage/Shutterstock)

As Minnie rested, Julie and Annie used her cell phone to call her family members to inform she had fainted. Other hikers went to gather Minnie’s loved ones, who were roughly 20 minutes away from where Minnie fainted. Minnie also explained in her post that she had fainted due to low blood sugar. She got five stitches and fractured her nose once she was treated at the hospital, Minnie said, but she suffered no additional injuries.

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