Paulina Porizkova, 56, Looks Amazing In Bikini By The Pool As She Embraces ‘Aging’ — Photo

Model Paulina Porizkova shared a snapshot of herself in a bikini — and reflected on embracing her aging journey.

paulina porizkova
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Paulina Porizkova wants to challenge the discourse on aging. The model, 56, shared a photo of herself in a beige bikini by the pool on Instagram on Thursday, July 29 — and penned a thoughtful statement about anti-aging, or more specifically, the “shame that is heaped on women for daring to age.” She also tagged a series of women who have inspired her aging journey.

“Combat age. Reverse aging. Rejuvenate. Anti age. None of this is possible. Yet, if you do an internet search on aging, this is what you’ll get,” Paulina mused. “Pills, potions and workouts to fight the aging process. You know what the only way to stop aging? Dying.”

“I do not want to fight myself everyday for the rest of my life. But I do want to make the best of what I was given,” the model continued. “And I want to shine a bright light in the dark corners of the shame that is heaped on women for daring to age. I can’t change the world alone, but if you feel like I do, there are these some amazing women here on IG that I get inspired by everyday.”

The model has been vocal about proper skin care treatments and the act of aging gracefully in the past, revealing that she has largely avoided Botox and plastic surgery. In an Instagram video from December 2020 that documents her skin care tips, Paulina said, “I don’t actually mind aging, I just want to age well. It’s preferable to being dead, right?”

The bikini snapshot comes a week after the model confirmed that she and boyfriend Aaron Sorkin have broken up after about three months of dating. Paulina shared a paparazzi snapshot of the pair and said she was “so grateful” for the director’s presence in her life. “He helped heal me and reclaim myself,” she wrote. “There truly may be no better man, no man who’s more genuinely ‘good.’ He’s brilliant and witty and funny and sexy. But it doesn’t matter how much we may wish we were birds of a feather – we’re still a duck and a goose.” She added, “As unfiltered as I usually am, this involves someone else’s privacy- so this is all I’ll ever say on the subject.”

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