Tyra Banks Interviews Megan Thee Stallion In A Hot Tub While Fully Clothed & Fans Are Confused

Megan Thee Stallion rocked a swimsuit during a recent interview with Tyra Banks, but it's the actress' attire that's getting the most attention.

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Tyra Banks remained fully clothed while recently interviewing Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model Megan Thee Stallion, which in a normal situation would sound pretty normal, but they were in a hot tub or small pool of some sort during the one-on-one chat, so fans are understandably confused.

One fan joked about Tyra’s “soaking wet sleeve” as he watched “Tyra sitting in a pool fully clothed” while interviewing Megan. The 18-minute interview also got the following response from another fan: “The fact that it’s Tyra in this pool wearing a dress while conducting an interview with Megan just makes sense”. We fully assume she was being sarcastic, right?

Either way, the interview is causing a lot of buzz on Twitter for a multitude of reasons. Outside of the chatter about Tyra’s outfit, many are also celebrating the fact that Tyra, who was the first black woman on the cover of Sports Illustrated is interviewing Megan, who’s now the first female rapper to cover Sports Illustrated.

But most importantly, Megan’s fans love what she revealed during the interview. Especially when she opened up about her late mother. “My mom was a rapper. She didn’t know I wanted to be a rapper, but I would literally watch her in the studio all day,” she told Tyra.

“I’m like, ‘This lady is everything.’ I didn’t want to tell her that I could rap until I was eighteen. I wanted to be perfect to her,” Megan added.

“Finally, I went to college. I was like, ‘Okay, I’ve probably held this secret in long enough,’” the rapper continued. “I started going to the studio by myself…I didn’t want her to shut me down. I didn’t want her to say, ‘You’re not serious about this. You don’t know.'”

To hear what else she had to say, and see why fans are critiquing Tyra’s wardrobe, watch the full video interview above

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