‘Teen Mom 2’ Preview: Ashley & Bar Make Plans To Celebrate Their Engagement — Watch

Ashley is excited to celebrate her engagement to Bar, but her mom seems worried in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the June 22 episode of 'Teen Mom 2'.

Despite her mother’s concerns, Ashley Jones is excited to make plans to celebrate her engagement to fiancé Bar Smith, following his DUI arrest. In this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at an all-new episode of MTV’s Teen Mom 2, Ashley is hopeful that Bar will be responsible with his drinking after over a year of sobriety. Ashley’s mom, Tea, on the other hand, seems a bit worried.

In this clip from the June 22 episode, Ashley and Bar arrive at mom Tea and stepdad Ted’s house to drop off their 3-year-old daughter, Holly. From there, Tea inquires about the couple’s engagement celebration plans. Ashley tells her mom the two are heading up to Napa County and when Tea notes that “only old people go to Napa,” Bar says he and Ashley have been clamoring for a Napa trip since they first became a couple.

bar and ashley in 'teen mom 2'
Ashley and Bar make plans to celebrate their engagement in Napa Valley in tonight’s ‘Teen Mom 2.’ (MTV)

Tea then questions how Bar feels about being out in the world without his court-ordered ankle bracelet. He tells his soon-to-be mother-in-law that he isn’t worried about it. “I thought I was gonna be worried like, ‘Damn, now that my ankle monitor is off, [are drinks] immediately gonna pop back in my hand, like drinks, drinks, drinks?’ But [they] didn’t,” he says. Tea cautions in response, “Well, drink responsibly if you do decide to drink.”

Bar says he’s excited to try out some wines and maintains that he has “no interest in hard alcohol.” Ashley then reassures her mom that Bar hasn’t been drinking since the ankle monitor has been off. Tea, sounding like a proud in-law, notes, “I haven’t seen you drink at all.” When Ashley notes that it has been a year “without one hiccup,” Tea says, “I hope you guys do have fun, though, whatever you guys decide to do. Stay safe. Stay out of trouble.”

Ashley then insists she’ll be getting into “all of the trouble,” while Bar says, “I’m not.” In her confessional, Ashleys expresses excitement to enjoy alcohol with Bar again. “We’re young, we obviously want to go to bars, we hang out with our friends, we drink,” she says to the camera. “It’s [been] really hard to maintain that line of what’s appropriate, but I don’t see him going overboard.” Watch the clip above for Ashley’s hopeful thoughts in full.

Catch more from this all-new Teen Mom 2 episode tonight, June 22, on MTV at 8 p.m.

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