Justin Bieber Rocks Iconic ‘Spudnik’ Potato Costume During ‘Friends’ Reunion

He's a potato! Justin Bieber channeled Ross Geller by rocking the legendary 'Spudnik' potato costume during the 'Friends' reunion fashion show.

Justin Bieber
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Image Credit: HBO Max

Justin Bieber was out of this world during the Friends reunion special! He took part in the Friends reunion fashion show and dressed up in the “Spudnik” potato costume that Ross wore during the Halloween episode of season 8. Justin was decked out in the full potato look and modeled the costume on the runway. He had a blast and even moonwalked in front of the Friends cast.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber dressed as ‘Spudnik’ during the ‘Friends’ reunion. (HBO Max)

“It’s astonishing that he’s even managed to make that look cool,” host James Corden said. You’re right about that, James! Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and Courteney Cox were cracking up. David Schwimmer and the rest of the cast cheered Justin on as he walked the runway in the Spudnik costume.

Justin wasn’t the only celebrity involved in the fashion show. Cara Delevingne modeled Rachel’s pink bridesmaid dress from Barry and Mindy’s wedding in season 2. The legendary Cindy Crawford rocked Ross’s very tight leather pants from season 5.

Cara also dressed up in the iconic holiday armadillo costume for the fashion show. Matt LeBlanc gave us the ultimate throwback vibes by dressing up in all of Chandler’s clothes, just like Joey did in season 3.

David Schwimmer
David Schwimmer in the Spudnik costume on ‘Friends.’ (Everett Collection)

David remembered the “Spudnik” costume vividly because it was the costume he had to wear when Sean Penn guest-starred on the show. “I had very little if any dialogue with him,” David said. “But here I am thinking, ‘Greatest actor in the world, and I’m a f**king potato. I’m a potato.'”

Friends went off the air in 2004 after 10 seasons, but the show still means so much to so many, including celebrities. “You know I travel a lot and I’m always in hotels, I’ve always got downtime. When I’m missing the kids, when I’m missing the family, I put on Friends because it makes me smile,” David Beckham said during the reunion. Friends: The Reunion is now streaming on HBO Max.

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