Larsa Pippen Shades Malik Beasley In War Of Words With His Wife Montana: ‘He’s Cheap’

The drama between Malik Beasley’s ex-girlfriend Larsa Pippen and his wife Montana Yao just heated up on Instagram.

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UPDATE (5/24/2021, 8:16 p.m. ET): First Malik Beasley apologized, which Montana Yao “really appreciated” — but she wasn’t so forgiving towards Larsa Pippen. Montana wrote that Larsa’s “threats are good over here” and that Larsa “wouldn’t know girl code if it slapped [her] in the face” (in reference to the fact that Larsa was first spotted with Malik while he was still legally married), so Larsa responded in her own lengthy Instagram Story post on May 24. “Hey sweetie, I can spend the day going back and forth with you on the Internet but woman to woman I would never do that, especially over a man,” The Real Housewives of Miami alum began her message.

“But here’s some free press for you. Let me clear up some of the misinformation you shared as facts. Here’s the truth about MALIK: 1. When I thought about him and how he treated your child he’s not the type Of man I want around mine. Any man who would deny his child and then leave the mother penniless is not a real man. 2. He cried entirely too much. 3. He’s cheap, but then again you never saw any alimony so you already know that,” Larsa wrote. She then claimed the Minnesota Timberwolves player pursued her “relentlessly before [she] even knew [Montana] existed.” You can read the full message below, but will have to read the rest on Larsa’s new OnlyFans account. HollywoodLife has reached out to Malik’s rep for comment.

Larsa Pippen
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It didn’t take long for Montana to respond to that rebuttal with a new one! “Lol ok hunny. Let’s clear some things up. And yes I brought it to social media cause this is your favorite place! You were all up on here speaking on my name a few months back. Only felt right to address you where you love to be,” Montana began her post, before launching into her four counterpoints. “1. One day you claim you knew about me but we were ‘separated’, the next it’s you didn’t know I existed at all. Get your story straight luv. I was all over that mans page lmao or A simple google search or dm would have sufficed as well. If you really a ‘woman’ and wanted to handle things like a grow up,” Montana wrote for her first argument.

In the rest of the points, Montana went on to accuse Larsa of trying to “set up fertility appointments” and wanting to “get married” with Malik (which would contradict Larsa’s post above), and wrote that Larsa is the “clout chaser” in this situation for allegedly calling the paparazzi and sending photos to “the blogs.” She also insisted that Larsa’s children are “embarrassed” of their mom, in response to Larsa making a jab about Malik requesting to take a paternity test.

Larsa Pippen
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As a final blow, Montana shared side-by-side photos of Larsa: one a throwback, in which the reality television star looked different than the current photo on the right. “@larsapippen Your words don’t match your actions . Just like your old face don’t match your new face. Poor thing,” Montana wrote.

Montana Yao
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UPDATE (5/24/2021, 6:34 p.m. ET): Montana Yao, 23, responded to her estranged husband and the father of her child, Malik Beasley, 24, a day after the Minnesota Timberwolves player publicly apologized for ending their relationship and pursuing The Real Housewives of Miami alum Larsa Pippen, 46. “[Montana and Malik’s son] Makai and I do appreciate Malik’s apology. It’s hard to own up to bad decisions and apologize especially publicly so it is really appreciated,” Montana began the public statement that she posted to her Instagram Story on May 24. She continued, “My main priority has been and will forever be my son so I’m glad if/when he looks back on all of this one day he can see his dad publicly apologized to us for publicly hurting us.” She went on to reveal that she still wants her ex to be “a part of Makai’s life,” and hopes that they can all “move forward away from the anger and hurt” that the drama over the past few months has caused — you can read the full statement below.

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Montana then wrote out a message for Larsa! “@Larsapippen Your threats are good over here ma’am try somewhere else. You really need to be put in check or something cause you really wildin out here thinking you bout to tell either Malik or I how to act. So now you got me hot and I’m not holding back no more. I been already told you to shut your trap because you embarrassed yourself enough already. Both of you were wrong as hell but YOU ma’am had the nerve to talk all that sh-t to me as if I was wrong? First of all we as women won’t claim you, you wouldn’t know girl code if it slapped you in the face you just a old desperate thirsty a– ran thru blow up doll,” Montana wrote, and then accused Larsa of calling the paparazzi “every single day” and added, “Sh-t is sad and lame af. You need clout that bad at your age?” You can read that full message as well below:

Montana Yao
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ORIGINALMalik Beasley, 24, has issued a public apology to Montana Yao, 23, after the drama surrounding his romance with The Real Housewives of Miami alum Larsa Pippen, 46. The Minnesota Timberwolves player took to Instagram on May 23, in an attempt to make up for his previous behavior, which ultimately led to Montana filing for divorce in December 2020. “I wana say sorry for putting you in the situation you were put in the last few months.. my head wasn’t were it was supposed to be.. I was looking for more when it was right here that whole time.. I’m telling the world and you that there’s no body like you for me,” Malik began.

The lengthy caption was accompanied by a photo of him and Montana cradling their then-newborn son Makai in the hospital. He continued, “for the record I was the one who ended my last relationship off the fact that there is no one like you .. also for the record i wanted to do my own ish cuz I just left u guys and I def ain’t the type to set up pictures at the mall n ish .. as that’s some childish ish and I’m trying to grow individually and grow a family .. a real family .. I ain’t looking to be judged I’m looking for forgiveness.. To forgive me for hurting my family the way I did.”

He ended the message by saying that he misses “holding y’all and loving y’all.. I love you mu shi .. I love you kai Kai [heart emoji] my family over thing…” Although he didn’t mention Larsa by name, it was clear that’s who he was referring to, given his mention of “pictures at the mall.” As fans would recall, the pair were first spotted together at a Miami mall, walking hand-in-hand.

Malik and Larsa. Image: Mega

At the time, he was still legally married to Montana, and she took to her IG story to reveal she was equally as shocked as the rest of us. “Wow… I don’t even know this man..this is wild y’all I’m seeing it for the time just like y’all,” Montana wrote at the time. Despite their whirlwind romance, Malik and Larsa ended after just four months together.