Pop Duo GIRL907 Celebrate ‘Winning’ The Breakup In Their Debut Music Video ‘All Your Friends’

Meet your new favorite breakup anthem. GIRL907 celebrate “winning” a breakup in their debut video, 'All Your Friends,' and tell HL how it all fell apart before falling into place.

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If this is their first impression, the sky’s the limit for GIRL907. The Alaskan-born duo (hence the “907” area code in their name) announced their arrival today with an explosive, joyous, celebratory jam of a song. In “All Your Friends,” premiering here at HollywoodLife, the pair – sisters Rachele Lynae and Heather Cole – opine over what they lost at the end of a love gone bad. Gone is their “sanity, their favorite shirt, the bar they used to go to, a bunch of photographs and records. Yet, once the minimalist synth beat drops away and the chorus kicks in, GIRL907 reveals what they won: all your friends.

“I got all your friends / I got all your friends in the breakup / Sucks for you, I guess / I got all your friends in the breakup / still wish you the best / but they know what you did,” they sing while holding up signs bearing the song’s fun-as-hell lyrics. The DIY, low-key approach is a perfect match for this song, one that captures the playful, self-congratulatory fun of this track. However, GIRL907 didn’t set out to make “All Your Friends” like this.

(Troy Jackson)

“We had this full music video planned out, and then… Covid,” Rachele says to HollywoodLife. “So we had to pivot, and I think that we may have had even more fun with this video than we would have before!” The results were incredibly charming – and a labor of love…that was also a labor that the two loved. “We hand made every single sign with sharpies. We were literally up till all hours of the night drawing stick figures. Best art project. Ever.”

So much laughter went into this. We fell in love with the song all over again,” added Heather. That love for the song is as clear as the handwriting on the signs in the visual. “It’s kind of fitting,” adds Heather, that the first GIRL907 music video is just us since that’s how our musical journey started as tiny little kids, just us.”

(Kamara Barkley)

The story of GIRL907 can be described as a line from an old Donnie and Marie Osmond chestnut: “I’m a little bit country / and I’m a little bit rock ‘n roll,” though in this case, it’s more pop than rock. The two wrote music all of their lives, and after both Heather and Rachele attended Belmont University in Nashville, their paths diverged. Heather headed west to Los Angeles and pursued a solo pop career. She released her debut single, “Hearts Will Break,” in 2015 and followed it with a handful of catchy releases like “Everyday Lover,” “Mr. Nice Guy,” and the Mixed Signals EP.

Meanwhile, Rachele Lynae stayed in Nashville and developed a country career. She released her critically-acclaimed, self-titled debut album (featuring “Party ‘Till the Cows Come Home”) in 2014. 2020 saw her release the follow-up, Every Reason, and “Common Blood,” a single that saw her team up with her sister. The track seemingly laid the groundwork for this new pop duo, an exciting new music venture that sees their respective songwriting skills merge to make something magnificent. Now that the quarantine is lifting and the world is slowly reopening, GIRL907 is poised to burst on the scene and take the music world by storm. Be prepared – and don’t forget to tell all your friends about them.

Get”All Your Friends” here.