Kourtney Kardashian Tattoos ‘I Love You’ Into Travis Barker’s Arm — Watch

Kourney Kardashian has literally made her love for boyfriend Travis Barker permanent. She personally tattooed 'I love you' on his arm in her own handwriting.

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Kourtney Kardashian is having all sorts of new life experiences with boyfriend Travis Barker, 45, including learning how to apply an ink tattoo on her body art-loving beau. She added a new tattoo to his vast collection, but this is one he will treasure forever. In a series of Instagram photos and videos, Kourtney showed off how she inked the words “I love you” onto Travis’ right arm in dark ink, in her own gorgeous handwriting.

Kourt, 42, shared the photos on Wed. May 12, showing her at first with the ink gun in her hand, looking down intently as she applied something to his right forearm. The mother of three looked casually beautiful, in a white tank top with a black bra underneath, as her long brunette locks flowed freely. She was next seen in a video, with her hands protected in black gloves, working the ink gun. A man could be seen over her shoulder, watching to make Kourt was comfortable in tattooing Travis’ arm.

In the post captioned “I tattoo,” Kourtney was seen in one photograph writing on a piece of paper. She was apparently giving what she was about to ink on Travis’ arm a practice run. She had a bright smile on her face, as Travis put his left arm lovingly around her and looked down at what she had in store for him.

Kourtney and Travis have become inseparable ever since going public with their romance in Feb. 2021. Photo credit: Photographer Group/MEGA

The final photo gave the big reveal, as it showed a close up of Kourtney’s delicate handwriting where she inked “I love you” on a patch of Travis arm where an existing tattoo still had some open skin in the middle. Fans absolutely lost their minds that the reality star is so crazy about the Blink 182 drummer that she actually permanently professed her love via tattooing his arm. Within 15 minutes of her sharing the post, it had already racked up over half a million likes!

Travis already has one other tattoo in Kourtney’s handwriting that also means a lot to the couple. They’re both massive fans of the 1993 crime drama True Romance. She wrote out “You’re so cool,” which is a line featured in a prominent scene in the film, as well as the name of the movie’s love theme by composer Hans Zimmer. Kourtney wrote it out and Travis applied the black ink tattoo himself on his upper right thigh, which he showed off to fans in a Mar. 24 IG post. With the amount of tattoos he’s getting courtesy of his girlfriend’s penmanship and her feelings, these two have shown how incredibly serious their relationship has become. The pair was longtime friends before they started dating in Jan. 2021, going public with their romance a month later.