‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: The Possibility Of Surgery ‘Scares’ Leah After Doctors Find A Tumor

The possibility of surgery had Leah Messer on edge during the May 11 episode of 'Teen Mom 2'. Especially because she didn't have medical insurance.

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Poor Leah Messer. As if finding a lump in her breast wasn’t hard enough, the Teen Mom 2 star then had to deal with the possibility of surgery without any health insurance during the May 11 episode of the MTV series.

During a sit-down chat with her sister, Victoria, Leah revealed that during an ultrasound, her doctor found a tumor in her right breast. But even though they “didn’t seem to think it was cancerous”, it could still “grow” into something dangerous, Leah revealed. And surgery “scared the living s***” out of her.

“The last big surgery I had, they prescribed me prescription pain medication that I became addicted to. So any kind of open procedure literally scares the f*** out of me,” Leah told Victoria before revealing that she also doesn’t have medical insurance. Leah explained that she was either on her parents’ medical insurance or ex Jeremy Calvert‘s while they were married.

But since she’s no longer an anyone’s plan and now had this health scare, she knew there was no time like the present to go out and get coverage. So she did that — but unfortunately, because Leah’s tumor was a pre-existing condition, her new insurance won’t cover anything that comes from it. So let’s just hope, for her sake, that this non-cancerous tumor remains that way.

Ashley Jones Gives Bar An Answer To His Proposal

Meanwhile, Ashley Jones accepted Bar‘s proposal, but their past family drama threatened to dampen their dream. Ashley always wanted a big wedding, but she said she doesn’t see their two families every getting along. And since she and Bar are doing better than ever now, she doesn’t want to potentially affect their relationship. On a positive note, though, Ashley loved her ring — it was pretty big — and her mom was super happy for her and Bar. It was sweet to see, considering all they’ve been through together.

Briana DeJesus Receives A Surprising Text From Luis

Later, Luis asked to see Stella for the first time in months, which forced Briana DeJesus to decide what is truly best for her daughter. Briana actually agreed to meet with Luis, but he overslept and never showed up. He then texted Briana to say he wants to set up regular hangouts with Stella, but considering he couldn’t even show up to the first one, Briana told her mom she wasn’t going to bother replying to his text message.

Jade Cline Moves & Kailyn Lowry Delivers Heartbreaking News

Finally, Jade Cline dealt with moving to a new house that she rented, so that became extremely stressful for her and she started yelling at everyone, including daughter Kloie. And Kailyn Lowry dealt with telling her kids that they’ll go back to virtual learning full-time amid COVID.

Want more drama? New episodes of Teen Mom 2 air Tuesdays at 8pm on MTV.

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