‘The Resident’ Preview: Conrad & Nic’s Date Night Is Interrupted — Watch

Nic and Conrad are just about to head out on their date night when they learn about a patient who needs checking up on in this EXCLUSIVE preview of 'The Resident.'

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Nic is officially on maternity leave and shows Conrad the latest sonogram of their daughter in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the May 4 episode of The Resident. Billie catches Conrad and Nic on their way out. Conrad thanks Billie for helping him plan their day of relaxation and good food.

Nic extends an invitation to Billie to meet them at the steakhouse later. Billie turns down Nic’s offer and says, “Conrad wants you all to his lonesome.” Conrad doesn’t hesitate to confirm this.

Conrad Nic
Conrad and Nic are preparing to welcome a baby girl. (FOX)

As they’re about to get on the elevator at the hospital, one of the nurses comes up to Conrad and Nic. Conrad tries to shoo her away, saying his shift is over and Nic’s on maternity leave. Nic steps in and asks the nurse what’s going on.

The nurse revealed that one of their patients has canceled his appointment for the third time this year. Nic is the only person he’ll talk to. “Nic, don’t do it,” Conrad says. But Nic doesn’t listen. Nic tells the nurse that she and Conrad will go check on the patient at his house.

“Wonder if it’ll be this hard to say no to our daughter,” Conrad quips to Nic in the elevator. She responds, “Probably.” Conrad is going to be surrounded by strong-willed girls from all sides very soon!

Conrad Nic
Conrad and Nic help a patient in the May 4 episode. (FOX)

The synopsis for the May 4 episode reads: “With Nic’s due date steadily approaching, she and Conrad plan a relaxing day off, but their plans are interrupted when a patient with a medical mystery sends them rushing back to Chastain. Devon stays by Rose’s (guest star Cara Ricketts) side as she starts her clinical trial and things take a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, Kit is under pressure to bring Chastain out of debt.” The Resident season 4 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.